Summary 2009

I guess this wasn't too bad for Year 1 on the triathlon train. 2010 will be far more structured - let's see.

31 Dec 2009

Bike Turbo:
30:00 - 16.4km - Avg: 130 bpm / 32.7 km/h / 163 Watt / 101 rpm

Swim: 3000m
6 * 500m

Longest swim so far.

30 Dec 2009

Brick Session: 45 mins

Bike Turbo:
30:00 - 17.6km - Avg: 142 bpm / 35.2 km/h / 200 Watt / 91 rpm

15:00 - 2.95km (Z2)

Fastest brick session so far.

29 Dec 2009

30:00 - 5.4km (Z2)

First half up, second half down. Nice new forrest route.

Swim: 1350m

2 * 300m (3 * 75m / 25m medley)
5 * (25m left arm foreward legs only, 25m left arm forward, 50m same right arm, 50m 3 strokes)

15 min water polo!!!!

28 Dec 2009

Gym: 75 minutes (upper body)

Much better than last time. 10 mins sauna afterwards to hopefully get rid of the last remainders of the cold.

27 Dec 2009

60:00 - 10.7km (Z1 - Z2)

Easy run. Left hip still causing some problems.

26 Dec 2009

1:45 - 49.3km (129bpm, 88rpm, 244m)

Good ride in almost perfect conditions (no wind, sunny, but cold). I don't have a lot of strenght in my legs at the moment. Not sure if this is the aftermath of the flu or part of the training.

25 Dec 2009

60:00 - 11.4km (Z1 - Z2)

Moderate speed run. Both hips are hurting a bit (left more than right) - wonder if this comes from running in the Newton's?

24 Dec 2009

Bike Turbo:
45:00 - 22.4km - Avg: 118 bpm / 29.8 km/h / 130 Watt / 101 rpm

Core: 15 min

All pools closed today, so did a core session instead.

23 Dec 2009

Brick Session: 45 mins

Bike Turbo:
30:00 - 16.3km - Avg: 130 bpm / 32.7 km/h / 168 Watt / 89 rpm

15:00 - 2.9km (Z1-Z2)

Still struggling a bit to get into Z2 on the turbo without going bezerk.

22 Dec 2009

45:00 - 7.6km (Z1 - Z2)

Very easy run. Throat still sore and generally weak, but improving.

Swim: 2000m

300m warm up
12 * 25m
leading arm in air / 25m touch bum

12 * 50m both arms straight with pull buoy
8 * 50m (12.5m no breath, 25m normal, 12.5m no breath)

10 * 50m fast


Looks like the stress of the week plus bizarre weather conditions have finally caught up with me. Felt weak since Friday, but kept going which was stupid in hindsight.

Missed 30 minutes on the bike this week and a 1 hour run today. Rest tomorrow and hopefully back to normal on Tuesday. Not ideal, but best I can do given the circumstances.

19 Dec 2009

Bike Turbo:
90:00 - 44.2km - Avg: 130 bpm / 29.4.0 km/h / 130 Watt / 90 rpm

Minus 10 degrees and snow, so cycling on the road was out of the question. 1 1/2 hours on the turbo is quite tough, so I kept it mostly in Z1. Content of water bottle was frozen at the end of the workout...

18 Dec 2009

Brick Session: 45 mins

Bike Turbo:
30:00 - 14.9km - Avg: 121 bpm / 29.7 km/h / 134 Watt / 82 rpm

15:00 - 2.8km (Z1)

Very tired after a long week with travel and work. Didn't feel like going into Z2 and didn't want to push it.

17 Dec 2009

Swim: 2000m
500m warm-up
10 * 100m (all sub 1:45)
200m pull-buoy
300m cool-down

Early morning swim - drills on your own seem even harder than in a group.

16 Dec 2009

48:00 - 9.1km

Moderate speed run with the Up & Running crowd - was good to see you all again.

Can feel a bit of a niggle in the left hip. Wonder if this comes from the new shoes.

15 Dec 2009

30:00 - 5.2km

Early morning run with a bit of an Eureka moment. Suddenly was able to strike on the mid-foot. But only for a fre hundred meters...

2500m - 50 mins (approx.)

Longest swim since Locarno. Swimming 100 lengths is getting quite boring.


Another set of physio treatment. Problem is still lower back that causes pain down the left leg. Solution is still more core work.

13 Dec 2009

45:00 - 8.20 km

Easy run alongside the River Lagan in Belfast. First run in my Newton Guidance shoes - feels weird and good at the same time.

12 Dec 2009

29.3km - 60:00

Easy(ish) ride in cold(ish) condition.

11 Dec 2009

45:00 - 7.5km (Z2*)

Early morning hilly forrest run in very wet conditions.

* Got into Z3 for a few minutes on a long hill. Walked for a bit when I hit Z4.

Gym: 80 minutes (upper body)

The upper body program is significantly harder than the mixed program which is the reason why it takes so long, I guess.

10 Dec 2009

Bike Turbo:
30:00 - 16.0km - Avg: 128 bpm / 32.0 km/h / 155 Watt / 102 rpm

Swim: 2350m

150m warm up
800m (15:30)
4 * 200m (approx. 3:50)
100m legs only
10 * 50m fast

Legs only is almost impossible. I seem to tun my hip too much?

09 Dec 2009

Brick Session: 45 mins

Bike Turbo:
30:00 - 16.7km - Avg: 136 bpm / 33.4 km/h / 175 Watt / 93 rpm

15:00 - 2.9km (Z2)

First brick session. Feels a bit weird to (a) jump of the bike on the balcony and then start running straightaway and (b) only run for 15 minutes. Seems to be impossible to run slowly after the bike

Chi Running

Just finished reading ChiRunning by Danny Dreyer. Very impressive once you ignore the esoteric parts. Convinced now that mid-foot running is the way to go. Newton's have been ordered...

08 Dec 2009

30:00 - 5.3km (Z2)

Found a new running route from home!

Swim: 1950m

300m warm up
8 * 50m leading arm in air
10 * 50m fast
50m easy
8 * 50m 3 strokes arm straight
6 * 50m pull buoy

07 Dec 2009

Gym: 70 minutes (mixed)

First proper session. Should be able to get program down to an hour soon.

Body Composition - Start Ironman Training

Body Fat
17.2% (LA 17.0 RA 14.8 RL 15.1 LL 15.6, B 18.6)
Total Body Water
Muscle Mass
69.5kg (LA 4.0 RA 4.0 RL 11.5 LL 11.2, B 38.7, 5)
Physique Rating
Basal Metabolic Rate
2123 KJ
Metabolism Age
Bone Mass
Resting Heart Rate

Today is the start of the 30 week training program for Challenge Roth. Actually, it is 32 weeks, but I added 2 weeks for any planned and unplanned events.

Week 1-10: base training phase
Week 11-20: build phase
Week 21-30: peak phase

During base phase, workouts are roughly:
Mon: rest / gym
Tue: swim + run in Z2
Wed: bike + run in Z2 (brick session)
Thu: swim + bike (>100RPM in Z1)
Fri: gym + run in Z2
Sat: long bike in Z2
Sun: long run in Z1 to Z2

Program starts at 6 hours per week (plus gym) and goes up to 11 hours at week 10. From now on everything is done by time and heart rate instead of distances.

06 Dec 2009

10km - 50:00

Fast run in undulating forrest - love that course. I thought I put the foot down one last time as I am confined to heart zones 1 and 2 for the next 10 weeks.

05 Dec 2009

37km - 1:27

First ride on the road in quite a while. Amzing how quickly you loose cycling fitness (especially after a week in Berlin...)

01 Dec 2009

Bike Turbo:
45:00 - 23.12m

Avg: 124 bpm / 30.8 km/h / 142 Watt / 95 rpm

High cadence ride wearing my birthday present:

30 Nov 2009

60:00 - 9.8km

4km flat, rest hilly, partly trails. Hamstring still not ok.

Gym: 1 hour

Second induction to the exercises I should be doing to improve core strenght and flexibilily. I have now 2 programs which I do alternately.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT

A new toy has arrived today - will take it for a run tomorrow.

Setup heart rate zones for training program:

Zone Running
Z1 130 - 148
123 - 140
Z2 149 - 170
141 - 161
Z3 171 - 178
162 - 169
Z4 179 - 190
170 - 180
Z5 > 190
> 180

28 Nov 2009

45:00 - 7.6km

Early morning. 2.5km flat, rest hilly.

27 Nov 2009

Gym: 1 hour

First of two inductions to the exercises I should be doing to improve core strenght and flexibilily. Scary how incorrectly I have used a lot of the machines in the past.

New Gym & Fitness Test

Finally joined a new gym (Sportec). I had to undergo a 90 minute fitness test - results below.

Flexibility and core are the weak areas which is not unexpected.

25 Nov 2009

Bike Turbo:
60:00 - 30.8km

Avg: 123 bpm / 30.8 km/h / 143 Watt / 85 rpm

Much better today. Starting to get the hang of it.

24 Nov 2009

Swim: 2050m

2 * 75m front crawl / 75 medley
6 * 25m long arm  / 25m short arm / 25m normal
6 * 25m 3 strokes arm straight / 50m normal
6 * 
25m arm behind / 50m normal
50m easy
4 * 75m pull buoy

23 Nov 2009

10km - 55:00

First proper run since Frankfurt. Left leg still not ok - getting a bit frustrated.

22 Nov 2009

Bike Turbo:
30mins - 16.9km

First spin on the new Tacx Bushido which has arrived. Cycling quite different to the road as there aren't any rest periods.

Deep Tissue Massage

Received a 1 hour deep tissue massageby a freaky Austrian on last day of holidays. Very painful.

Feel a bit of a cold and sour throat coming up.

19 Nov 2009

30mins - 5km (approx.)

20mins - 1000m (approx)

Barefoot run in lovely sand at Las Teresita beach (felt left achilles a little bit) followed by an open-water swim in the sea.

My dad got a new camera - hence the video... ;-)

18 Nov 2009

1000m easy
4*50m fast

A lot of length in a 12.5m pool.

16 Nov 2009

1000m (approx.)

Nice swim in huge seawater pool in Puerto de la Cruz which includes an 300m swim lap!

14 Nov 2009

1000m (approx.)

Easy swim in tiny (12.5m) apartment pool in Tenerife.

10 Nov 2009

Swim: 2100m
300m warm-up
10 * 25m left arm / 25m right arm

50m easy

10 * 25m mormal / 25m breathing every 8 strokes
50m easy

10 * 25m 3strokes pause / 25m normal
4 * 50m pull buoy

Have been upgraded to lane 2!

08 Nov 2009

45:00 - 7.7km

First run in 2 weeks. Very easy, but hamstring still not ok. Tried mid-foot running - very weird

06 Nov 2009

60:00 - 29.4km

First easy ride after quite a while.

05 Nov 2009

Swim: 2200m
100m warm-up
2 * 100m / 2 * 200m / 2 * 100m / 50m easy
2 * 100m / 2 * 200m / 2 * 100m / 50m easy (with pull buoy)
1 * 100m / 1 * 200m / 1 * 100m

They are tough sessions, which are getting (a little bit) easier.


Another physio session. Got work done on various trigger points all the way down my leg. Let's see...

03 Nov 2009

Swim: 2200m
200m warm-up
6 * 25m long recovery phase / 50m normal / 50m normal / 25m long recovery phase
6 * 25m superman / 50m normal / 50m normal / 25m superman (with pull buoy)
200m cool-down

First structured swim session. Very exhausting and my usual calf cramps half way through the pull buoy swims. Will this now twice a week if possible.

Triathlon Magazine

I bought it every month so I finally gave in and subscribed to triathlon, apparently Europe most selling tri magazine. Also just received a little signup present - a big calendar with quite cool pictures.

02 Nov 2009

Swim: 1500m

Easy swim in 25m outdoor pool.

Reflection on 2009

Now that the season is over, it is time for some reflective thoughts.

Well, that was a long and interesting season. It didn’t exactly end of a high, but all-in-all it was a pretty successfully first year doing triathlons. Given that I started with very little swimming and cycling training I managed to finish 2 sprints, 2 Olympic distances and 2 middle distances.

Due to the new training regime things improved significantly. My running got much stronger (10k by 1:30 and half-marathon by over 3 minutes) and my body composition improved a lot (lost 4kg and reduced my body fat by 3%). I really wanted to blast a good marathon time, 3:45 or even 3:40 which I am capable off, but the body wasn’t up for it.
Lesson learned: rethink whether doing a marathon at the end of a marathon season is a good idea.

I started the year recovering from problems with my hip and finished with problems on my back. I started doing core work after the injury which really helped. I stupidly stopped doing it again from July on and the consequence was the injury.
Lesson learned: do core work all year round, even when the races are on.

I also managed to spend a lot of money on kit. I used pretty much all of it, even though some was more of a luxury than needed. I should be pretty much equipped for next season, apart from the usual consumables (running shoes, tubes, tyres, etc).

November will be a rest month with some time to prepare for 2010 where the focus will be entirely on Challenge Roth in July. Foundation training will start in December. Before that I want to check out a few medical things and also get my swimming technique looked at.

01 Nov 2009

Gym: 45 minutes (30 strenth, 15 core)

Upper body stength only to give the legs some more rest. First exercise since the DNF - motivation levels still very low.

25 Oct 2009

Frankfurt Marathon - DNF

km 1: 5:08
km 2: 5:14
km 3: 5:12
km 4: 5:17
km 5: 5:14 - 0:26:03
km 6: 5:10
km 7: 5:14
km 8: 5:14
km 9: 5:19
km 10: 5:15 - 0:52:15 (26:12)
km 11: 5:11
km 12: 5:16
km 13: 5:10
km 14: 5:16
km 15: 5:16 - 1:18:23 (26:13)
km 16: 5:19
km 17: 5:13
km 18: 5:20
km 19: 5:16
km 20: 6:00 - 1:45:32 (27:09) - pee stop
km 21: 5:20
HM: 1:51:24
km 22: 5:17
km 23: 5:33
km 24: 5:24
km 25: 5:43 - 2:13:03 (27:29)
km 26: 5:18
km 27: 6:10
km 28: 7:00

Well, well. Marathon number 13 didn't have a happy ending. I knew that it'll be a tough ask to run with the bruised leg and a dodgy hamstring. I started feeling pain after an hour which then got progressively worse. At the half-way point I felt the way I usually feel at 22 miles. I knew then that I am unlikely to last and pulled out half an hour later. A bit of a depressing feeling, but better than causing any long-term damage, I guess.

23 Oct 2009

9km - 48:40

Last test run before Frankfurt. 5k easy, 2k fast (9:00) and 2k easy. The pain in the right leg seems to move around. Still in two minds whether I should start on Sunday or not -let's see how I feel tomorrow.

Pre Frankfurt Body Composition

Body Fat
17.3% (LA 16.6 RA 15.1 RL 15.0 LL 15.6, B 18.7)
Total Body Water
Muscle Mass
67.4kg (LA 3.9 RA 3.9 RL 11.2 LL 10.8, B 37.6, 5)
Physique Rating
Basal Metabolic Rate
2057 KJ
Metabolism Age
Bone Mass
Resting Heart Rate

I have lost 2kgs since Locarno, but it appears that it is all muscles which is no good at all.


Last physio session before Frankfurt. He was a bit concerned about the massive bruise that is now covering most of the thigh and has moved down to cover the entire knee as well. Will go for another test run tomorrow to see how painful it really is and decide then.

Had planned to go for an early morning swim. One pool was closed the other one was used for mother & toddler swimming...

21 Oct 2009

Gym: 55 minutes (30 strenth, 25 core)

Another good gym session.

20 Oct 2009

12km - 1:04:30

Another test run before Frankfurt. Hamstring same as before - I will just have to stop once or twice and stretch it out. Right leg, which is now starting to turn blue, still hurts, but is getting better.


OK, the latest is now that the problems are caused by left side of the hip. A combination of mild degeneration (not so good) and core weakness (I knew that - Pilates needed) is causing the pain. Apparently, I can't do any damage when running, it can just become very painful. Ergo: Frankfurt is on!

19 Oct 2009

Gym: 60 minutes (40 strenth, 20 core)

2 week voucher to test a gym I might join. Very good so far.

18 Oct 2009

7.5km - 40:00

Little test run at moderate pace. Bruised leg still painful but possible to run on. This side should be ok for Sunday. Not so sure about hamstring, though. Could feel it from the onset. More physio tomorrow.


As if my left hamstring and back problems aren't enough, I walked into the side of the sofa today and have now a massive bruise on the other leg. Couldn't walk on it for a while; at least I am able to limp now. Not good and very painful and certainly not what I need a week before a marathon...

15 Oct 2009

Swim: 1200m

Easy swim since this is the only thing I am allowed to do. Back sore from yesterday's treatment, but hamstring (so far) ok.


Another physio session. Got more work done on my lower back. Things seem to be improving, but very slowly and painfully. Another 2 days without running. Allowed to swim, though.


Have been to see the physio today and was told that all the hamstring problems stem from a vertebra that has moved sideways a bit and is now irritating a nerve that travels down the leg. Vertebra has been adjusted and some trigger points have been - wait for it - triggered.

Back on Wednesday for another and 3 days rest. Physio is optimistic that Frankfurt will be ok. Let his optimism turn into reality...

11 Oct 2009

32km - 3:06

Very easy and paced run. Last 20 miler before Frankfurt. Heart was very good (sub 130 until half way point) but hamstring caused problems from 20k. Taper and physio time...

09 Oct 2009

28km - 1:03

Easy bike ride. Legs very tired after yesterday's Yasso session. Time for a day's rest.

08 Oct 2009


15 min Warm-up
5 Yasso 800s - 3:15/ 3:19 / 3:20 / 3:16 / 3:19 -> 3:18
15 min Cool-down

Very good Yasso session. Hamstring was 80% ok - moving in the right direction.

07 Oct 2009

1000m - 18:00 (approx.)

Very early (7am!) swim in Wrexham Waterworld pool.

06 Oct 2009

10.7km - 1:00

Easy (very) early run in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens in London.

05 Oct 2009

Gym: 40 minutes (20 strenth, 20 core)

Unplanned session in gym in London.

04 Oct 2009

42km - 1:30

Easy ride in windy conditions. Good hangover cure...

03 Oct 2009

25km - 2:13

Dress rehearsal for Frankfurt Marathon. 4km warm up, 20km planned marathon pace (1:44:30) and another km to cool down. Generally good. Started to feel hamstring from km 20 and heart rate is still too high.

01 Oct 2009

11.2km - 1:02

Easy / moderate run in Hyde Park, London. Hamstring improving.

29 Sep 2009

Swim: 1200m

First swim in a while. Strange swimming in a 25m indoor pool again.

28 Sep 2009

10km - 57:00

Easy recovery run before a physio session. Was told that the hamstring needs two to three days rest, but should be ok.

27 Sep 2009

45km - 1:32

Easy / moderate ride in perfect conditions: flat, no wind and sunny.

26 Sep 2009

31.6km - 3:00

Second easy 3 hour run before Frankfurt. Legs ok, nutrition ok, but left hamstring a bit of a concern. Let's see.

24 Sep 2009

10km - 56:00

Easy run through the Stadtpark in very warm Vienna.

22 Sep 2009

10.3km - 60:00

Very easy recovery run. Hamstring still a bit tight, but starting to loosen up.

20 Sep 2009

Kalrsruhe Half-marathon - 1:43:48 [Certificate] [Results]

1: 4:57
km 2: 4:59
km 3: 5:10
km 4: 5:09
km 5: 4:55
km 6: 4:55
km 7: 4:48
km 8: 4:54
km 9: 4:53
km 10: 4:53 - 49:33
km 11: 4:52
km 12: 4:51
km 13: 4:55
km 14: 5:01
km 15: 4:54
km 16: 4:52
km 17: 4:46
km 18: 4:58
km 19: 4:50
km 20: 4:51 - 48:52
km 21.1: 5:22

Overall: 1120th out of 4624
M40: 255th out of 929

Very good event with over 10,000 runners. Best feed area in the finish ever: fruit, drinks, beer (!), milk shakes, bretzel, soup, etc, etc. Temperature was quite pleasant (low 20's), but humidity was quite high.
Went out at moderate pace and realised very quickly that the legs are still tired. Ham string started playing up a bit at km 12, so kept speed consistent. Also, heart was quite high from the beginning (started below 150 and went up to over 180 at the finish). Good and hard training run, but still a lot to do before Frankfurt.

18 Sep 2009


15 min Warm-up
4 Yasso 800s - 3:24/ 3:25 / 3:27 / 3:27 -> 3:26
15 min Cool-down

Early morning Yasso session after yesterday's sports massage. Legs still very tired and left hamstring tight. Not quite sure how to run on Sunday - we'll see...

16 Sep 2009

45km - 1:43 (560m)

Mostly hilly / undulating. Legs quite heavy.

15 Sep 2009

16km - 1:30

Easy run; a little bit longer than planned.

13 Sep 2009

10km - 55:00

Easy / moderate run at Lake Como. That's the end of the holidays. Let the marathon training begin!

12 Sep 2009

Gym: 30 minutes (15 strenth, 15 core)

Really have to get core work started again.

11 Sep 2009

Swim: 1600m - 30:00

Half an hour swim at moderate speed in the sea in Marina di Campo where Elbaman will be started next week.

10 Sep 2009

7km - 40:00

First easy recovery run on the belt to avoid heat on Elba.

09 Sep 2009

1000m - 18:00

First easy swim after the race on Sunday.

06 Sep 2009

Locarno 2.5 / 80 / 20 - 5:08:13.1 [Results]

Swim: 51:33 (228th)
T1: 2:36 (185th)
Bike: 2:31:19 (267th) - 40km : 1:28
T2: 1:31(76th)
Run: 1:41:12(237th)

Total: 248th out of 360 Finishers
MD-M35: 105th out of 140

I arrived in beautiful Locarno on Friday evening after a 6 hour drive to set up base at a luxurious camp site less than 5 minutes walk from the start. There was a really good atmosphere with hundreds of athletes staying in tents and camper vans.

When I woke up on Saturday morning the water in Lago Maggiore was quite rocky due to strong winds. I decided to do an easy test swim. As soon as I got into the water I was hit by 3 foot waves - I had never swam in conditions like that and lasted less than 2 minutes. I was already worried about the tough bike course and the heat on the run, but didn't expect this...

I registered after lunch and double-checked the gear before watching the most hillarious trithlon ever: Age Group 3-4 - 20m swim, 600m bike and 100m run. Some kids wore arms bands, others had stabilizers and parents all over the place in the transition area. This is how to grow talent!

I then followed the sprint event in which an athlete started every 10 seconds. Slightly weird, but very fair, I guess. I stayed for the race briefing. It was mostly in Italian, so I nodded and clapped when everyone else did...

Race day. Wave 2 of 3. Luckily the wind had calmed down, but the swim was the toughest I have done so far. It took me about 400m to find a rythm; navigating was really difficult due weird currents and some unpredictable waves. I started getting cramps in both calves from about 1500m and had to take breaks to stretch them out. Glad to be on land, followed a very long run into T1 and a shaky transition. I kept dropping things but got eventually underway.

Being surrounded by dozens of mountains of up to 3000 meters, the bike course was nothing short of being spectacular. The first 30km were uphill with a moderate incline. Things got more serious up to the half-way point going up proper Alpine serpentines, through tunnels, passing ski lifts and avalanche signes. I only overtook a single cyclist on the first half and must have been overtaken by dozens - the Swiss really know how to cycle mountains. Gravity was more on my side on the return half. With speeds of up to 60 km/h everybody was flying back to T2.

I felt good on the first 2 laps even though temperatures had risen to 30 degrees and went through 10km in just under 50 minutes. While the legs were fine for the rest of the race, I got quite sick from km 12 onwards. Luckily the run was approximately 1200m short and I managed to finish in a respectable time, but had to walk-run the last 4km. In true Swiss style, times recorded were down to tenths of seconds.

All in all, a great event and a bit of an eye-opener.

Pre Locarno Body Composition

Body Fat
16.9% (LA 16.6 RA 14.4 RL 14.6 LL 15.4, B 18.3)
Total Body Water
Muscle Mass
69.2kg (LA 4.0 RA 4.1 RL 11.5 LL 11.1, B 38.5, 5)
Physique Rating
Basal Metabolic Rate2114 KJ
Metabolism Age
Bone Mass
Resting Heart Rate

Almost identical to Antwerp; body fat a little bit higher.

03 Sep 2009

10km - 57:00

Last easy taper run (apart from 1km steep uphill). Roll on Locarno...

02 Sep 2009

31.2km - 1:04

20km high cadence (>30 km/h), rest hilly.

01 Sep 2009

11.3km - 1:03

Slow morning run except km 10 (4:17). Legs a little bit heavy.

Good sports massage in the afternoon.

Book: Be Iron Fit by Don Fink

Just finished reading "Be Iron Fit: Time-efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness" by Don Fink. I think I'll go with his 30 week training plan for the Ironman.

30 Aug 2009

12km - 1:07:30

Easy tapering run...

1600m - 30:00

... followed by an easy / moderate open-water swim.

28 Aug 2009

98.7km - 3:50 (450m)

Entire distance into a strong head wind. Had planned to go further, but stopped at Kaiserslautern after a very tough (almost) 4 hours. Second half undulating.

26 Aug 2009


15 min Warm-up
5 Yasso 800s - 3:19/ 3:24 / 3:21 / 3:23 / 3:20 -> 3:21
15 min Cool-down

Legs quite tired. Time for a rest day.

25 Aug 2009

46km - 1:45 (620m)

Hilly / undulating ride. Think I got bitten behind the knee by a tick - they are a bl**dy pest this time of the year...

24 Aug 2009

46:30 - 2500m (approx.)

Long open-water swim at modarate speed. Good preparation for Locarno. No real problems (apart from my elbow which got also battered when I fell the other day...).

23 Aug 2009

32km - 2:58:30

First 3 hour run without any major problems. 20km easy, rest moderate. Got nutrition right for once. First time that I wore my heart-rate monitor in a long time.

Right knee is badly bruised after a stupid fall yesterday. Didn't hurt during run, but is pulsating now.

20 Aug 2009

11.8km - 1:01:30

Moderate speed except km 10 (4:29) in hot conditions even though I ran in the morning to avoid the forecasted 37 degrees for later in the day. Legs heavy.

17 Aug 2009

Gym 30 minutes (15 Core, 15 Strength)

Another short gym session in another nice hotel in London.

16 Aug 2009

26.4km - 2:32

First long(ish) run in quite a while. Very warm, but ok due to slow speed.

14 Aug 2009

Bike: 110km - 3:52 (800m)

Good long ride from home to Ludwigsburg in very warm weather conditions. First half flat, second half undulating. Speed easy to moderate. Drank 2 1/2 liters and was still dehydrated.

Used newly fitted Aerodrink bottle for the first time - very strange construction, but good once it is fitted.

Oh, and I also signed up for another middle distance triathlon: Triathlon Locarno. I always wanted to cycle in the Alps...

13 Aug 2009


15 min Warm-up
4 Yasso 800s - 3:15/ 3:24 / 3:22 / 3:19 -> 3:20
15 min Cool-down

First Yasso session in ages. Strange to run on a track after such a long time.

11 Aug 2009

13.2km - 1:11

Easy / moderate run through Richmond Park in London. Warm and mildly undulating. Very enjoyable.

10 Aug 2009

Gym 30 minutes (15 Core, 15 Strength)

First gym session in about 3 months in a nice hotel in Cambridge. Arms very heavy - need to start doing more strength and, more importantly, core work before training regime starts.

09 Aug 2009

12km - 1:05

Easy / moderate run. Legs much better and almost back to normal.

First run in a new pair of Nike Lunarglide+ - my treat after last week's success ;-)

08 Aug 2009

32km - 1:08

Easy recovery ride in very hot conditions (over 32 degrees)

07 Aug 2009

1200m - 22:00

Easy open-water swim in (old) short wetsuit.

05 Aug 2009

6.6km - 40:00

First recovery run. Body not really ready yet for this...

02 Aug 2009

Antwerp 70.3 - 5:15:58 [Results]

Swim: 33:33 (496th)

T1: 3:06 (206th)
Bike: 2:46:10 (576th)
T2: 1:59 (213th)
Run: 1:53:08 (506th)

Total: 536th out of 855 Finishers
V1H: 79th out of 126

This was one of the toughest and best things I have ever done in a very, very competitve field.

The weather wasn't on our side when we woke up on race day. Pouring rain and quite strong winds wasn't what we needed so everybody was soaked while setting up T1. I was relatively calm before the start which helped a lot.

The swim was pretty uneventful (apart from some waves caused by the TV helicopter) and I exited the water to realise that my stop watch showed 00:00:00 before mastering a huge T1.

The bike was almost flat (a tunnel and a couple of fly overs), quite boring, very windy and rather dangerous. Big mats were placed over railway lines that had to be crossed (approx. 20 of them) which caused problems especially in the wet conditions. Loads of crashes and lost kit. I felt really strong and made up a lot of time compared to my planned schedule of 3 hours.

T2 was on cobbles - very nice to run on with wet and cold feet. There were only markers every 5km by which time I realised that I went out way too fast (sub 24:00). I slowed down (a bit) got through 10km in just under 49:00 before things got very tough. Having to pass the finish 3 times didn't help nor did the lack of crowd support. Managed to battle through the last lap which was very agonising and was awared with the biggest and heaviest medal ever...

Überhappy with my time albeit the terrible run. A fantastic experience, but physically and mentally much harder than I had anticipated.

Pre 70.3 Body Composition

Body Fat
16.2% (LA 16.0 RA 13.9 RL 14.5 LL 15.2, B 17.3)
Total Body Water
Muscle Mass
69.7kg (LA 4.1 RA 4.2 RL 11.5 LL 11.1, B 38.8, 5)
Physique Rating
Basal Metabolic Rate2127 KJ
Metabolism Age
Bone Mass
Resting Heart Rate

30 Jul 2009

33km - 1:07

Easy bike ride. Flat, but windy. That's it until race day. Nerves starting to set in...

28 Jul 2009

32km - 1:08

Easy ride to test out knee. 80% ok, no problem!

Also tried out newly acquired SaltStick. Very cool. Hope that it will help with cramps on Sunday.

27 Jul 2009

1700m - 32:00 (approx.)

Easy open-water swim.

26 Jul 2009

12.2km - 1:03

Test run at moderate speed except a fast km (4:28). Knee much better.

25 Jul 2009

1800m - 21:41 (141/480)

Decided to do only the swim leg, to be on the safe side. 1800m downstream. Flying down the Neckar...

Fantastic event with some male and female professionals - great to be a spectator for a change.

23 Jul 2009

Swim: 1200m (approx.)

Easy open-water swim.

Bit of an inflammation in one of the tendions behind the knee. On anti-inflammatories and rest. Not so hopeful for Saturday...

22 Jul 2009

28km - 1:10 (540m)

Early morning hilly bike ride. Legs much better.

20 Jul 2009

2000m - 35:45

Moderately paced swim in 50m pool. Got mild cramps in left shin after 20 minutes - weird.

19 Jul 2009

48km - 2:05

Very hilly with very tired legs. Taper time!

18 Jul 2009

96km - 3:17

Last long and flat bike ride before Antwerp. Quite wet and windy.

17 Jul 2009

17.2km - 1:32

Moderate speed, flat, a bit humid, but all good.

15 Jul 2009

11.2km - 1:01

Easy run in Stanton Park. Very nice.

13 Jul 2009

Swim 1600m (1000, 8*50, 200)

Quick swim in 25m pool in Chorley. Added some intervals to fight boredom...

12 Jul 2009

11.3km - 60:00

Easy run alongside the canal in Chorley (except one sub 4:30km)

11 Jul 2009

13.4km - 1:10:30

Moderately paced run. All flat. Felt very good!

Just signed up for Challenge Kraichgau next year ;-)

10 Jul 2009

91km - 3:00

Another long ride in quite windy conditions. Tough at stages, but all in all ok.

09 Jul 2009

2000m - 34:40

Moderately paced swim in 50m pool. Got mild cramps in both calves after 1800m - strange.

08 Jul 2009

11.2km - 1:03

Easy run on flat terrain. Decided to take another day off after a tough weekend and some pain in the chest area yesterday.

05 Jul 2009

Wilhemsfeld Half-marathon - 1:51:41 [Results]

1: 5:05
km 2: 6:11
km 3: 5:34
km 4: 5:34
km 5: 5:44
km 6: 5:04
km 7: 4:58
km 8: 5:20
km 9: 5:21
km 10: 5:10
km 11: 5:01
km 12: 5:31
km 13: 5:05
km 14: 5:40
km 15: 5:30
km 16: 5:44
km 17: 5:40
km 18: 4:38
km 19: 4:53
km 20: 4:43
km 21: 4:42

One of the toughest halfs I have run in a while. Over 25 degrees at the start and a course that was never really flat... Took it as a hard training run which was good, especially after yesterday's long ride.

04 Jul 2009

101km - 3:21

First of three long rides before Antwerp. Ideal conditions - flat (except the last mile), warm, sunny and a mild breeze. Was able to hold 30 km/h quite easily. Still struggling with nutrition though.

03 Jul 2009

Swim: 1500m

Easy open-water swim.

July Body Composition

Body Fat
17.7% (LA 16.6 RA 14.5 RL 15.4 LL 16.2, B 19.2)
Total Body Water
Muscle Mass
68.4kg (LA 4.0 RA 4.1 RL 11.3 LL 11.0, B 38.0, 5)
Physique Rating
Basal Metabolic Rate2091 KJ
Metabolism Age
Bone Mass
Resting Heart Rate

02 Jul 2009

10.2km - 60:00 (ascent 580m)

What was supposed to be an easy run turned into a very hilly hour in humid conditions. Had to stop numerous times to get my breadth back...

01 Jul 2009

44.6km - 1:41 (ascent 550m)

Another hilly ride in quite humid conditions. Starting to get the hang of those hills (a bit).

30 Jun 2009

11.3 - 56:00

Moderate / fast run. Flat, but very warm / humid.

29 Jun 2009

Swim: 1500m (approx.)

First open-water swim in my new 'home' lake:

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28 Jun 2009

58.3: 2:29 (ascent 750m)

Very tough ride, including the Römerman course in 4 weeks time. Long and steep (up to 16%) climbs and technical descents with speeds well over 60 km/h.

26 Jun 2009

16.6km - 1:33

Easy to moderate morning run in very warm conditions.

25 Jun 2009

50km - 1:39

Very nice bike ride: flat, sunny, warm, no wind and roads that are actually suitable for bicycles.

23 Jun 2009

10km - 56:00

Easy recovery run after Sunday's race and a lot of driving.

21 Jun 2009

Liverpool Olympic Triathlon 2:32:26 [Results]

Swim - 26:33 (87th)
T1 - 1:35 (57th)
Bike - 1:15:43 (104th)
T2 - 1:40 (207th)
Run - 46:56 (131st)

Total: 95th out of 330
M40-44: 14th out of 56

Wind, wind, wind. Swim was very good - about 200 men in my wave and all relatively civilized. Swimming in Liverpool is a bit weird and very salty, but ok. Bike was very hard (due to wind and the fact that we had to run for about 2 minutes in cycle shoes before being allowed to mount), but average pace was aroung 32km/h. Run was tough, but good, apart from being hit by a tomatoe some tosser through at runners...

Easton Carbon Wheels

I am now the proud owner of a set of Easton EC70 SL carbon wheels plus a new 12-27 cassette for the hills to come. All fitted - can't wait for a short test tomorrow.

17 Jun 2009

Lisburn 10k - 45:52 [Results]

km 1: 4:44
km 2: 4:44
km 3: 4:36
km 4: 4:58
km 5: 4:45 - 23:48
km 6: 4:35
km 7: 4:21
km 8: 4:26
km 9: 4:22
km 10: 4:20 - 22:04

Good preparation race for Sunday. First half moderate, second half fast.

Thank you for all the fairwells and well wishes!

16 Jun 2009

32km - 1:03

Quite a tough ride in windy conditions after driving for 1 1/2 days.

13 Jun 2009

1200m (approx)

Nice open-water swim in lake...

10.1km - 56:00

... followed by an easy run in very warm weather.

11 Jun 2009

1500m - 24:57!!

Wow. First swim in new wetsuit (Quintana Roo Superfull) in 50m outdoor pool. Suit much lighter, arms move freely and the buoyancy seems much better. Very please indeed.

08 June 2009

Swim: 1600m (1200, 400)

First proper pool swim in a time. Arms, legs and head quite tired.

07 Jun 2009

91km - 3:30

First long cycle. Mostly undulating. Slow and no problems.

Also, used a GelBot for the first time which went completely wrong when the gel mixed with the water...

06 Jun 2009

26km - 60:00

Easy cycle to get rid of hangover

05 Jun 2009

20km - 1:54

First long(ish) run in a while. Slow and easy, but left hamstring is a bit tight.

04 Jun 2009

Swim: 1600m

Open-water swim in the sea. Loads of jelly fish and a cramp after 20 minutes - apart from that, very enjoyable...

03 Jun 2009

50km - 1:45

Undulating ride at moderate speed.

13.6km - 1:13

Evening run. Was supposed to be shorter and slower - peer pressure...

02 Jun 2009

Swim: 1000m

Easy recovery swim. Very strange being in a pool again.

01 Jun 2009

10.9km - 60:00

Easy(ish) recovery run. Very warm, very nice.

30 May 2009

Athy Olympic Triathlon 2:29:40 [Certificate] [Results]

Swim - 26:53 (435th)
T1 - 2:15
Bike - 1:14:44 (381st)
T2 - 1:22
Run - 44:23 (288th)

Total: 326th out of 812
M40-44: 44th out of 117

WOW! What an event. Over 1,000 participants in the Olympic race and almost 1,500 in the Sprint. First open-water race in a river which was quite hectic at the start. Last 400m upstream were tough, but no general problems. Bike course was mildly undulating and wind was kind for once. Got very warm (25 degrees) on the run (which was approx. 400-600m short), but apart from sunburn no complaints whatsoever!

Great slideshow in the Irish Times:

28 May 2009

Swim: 1200m

Last open-water swim before the big day. This time in the sea which was much better than expected. There were 13 (!) of us...

Pre-Olympic Body Composition

Body Fat
18.8% (LA 17.7 RA 15.3 RL 15.1 LL 16.1, Body 21.1)
Total Body Water
Muscle Mass
67.7kg (LA 3.9 RA 4.1 RL 11.4 LL 11.0, Body 37.3, 5)
Physique Rating
Basal Metabolic Rate2074 KJ
Metabolism Age
Bone Mass
Resting Heart Rate

27 May 2009

11.3km - 1:02

Easy tapering run. Raining, of course.

26 May 2009

Swim: 1200m

Good open-water swim in Lough Neagh.

Bike: 34km - 1:23

Slow bike ride. Very cold, very wet and very windy - getting fed up with this weather.

24 May 2009

Liam Ball Sprint Triathlon 1:19:34 [Results]

Swim - 14:00 (50th)
T1 - 1:08
Bike - 40:24 (75th)
T2 - 1:42
Run - 22:22 (92nd)

Total: 83rd out of 138
M40-44: 11th out of 17

Second triathlon a slightly better conditions. Easy pool swim with very long run to T1. Bike course was relatively flat, but strongs winds made it a challange again. Also, course was approx. 1,2km too long. T2 a bit better but still far too slow. Run ok. Took it easy this week given that it is only 6 days until Athy.

23 May 2009

Swim: 500m

First really good open-water swim in Lough Neagh. Starting to get the hang of it I think.

22 May 2009

44km - 1:40

Nice ride after a much needed massage.

21 May 2009

Swim: 1600m (1000, 10 * 50, 100)

(Very) early morning swim in fantastic pool in Stirling Sports Village. Ended up training with the local triathlon club... Feeling better again.

12km - 1:05

Late evening easy run, except 10 minutes fast. Needed to get yesterday's nonsense out of my system...

20 May 2009


Running from a hotel in Sterling, Scotland. Had to stop after less than 15 minutes because I kept getting dizzy every time I ran for a bit. No idea what happened - felt that sugar levels were low after a very hectic day.

19 May 2009

Running: 26.2km - 58:00

Easyish cycle with a few small hills. First outing in new tri-suit (Descente Aero XT Triathlon Suit).

18 May 2009

10.6km - 60:00

Very easy recovery run. The knee pain has now moved sideways - almost certain that it is the ITB. It didn't get any worse while running, so let's hope it is just too much acid that built up at the race.

17 May 2009

Open Water Swim

Another attempt to swim in open water, this time in Lough Neagh. Slightly surreal conditions to swim outside: freezing cold (less than 10C) and very strong winds. Not only had we to content with the cold, but the waves as well.

Had planned to go for a run in the evening, but decided to skip it since back of left knee feels a bit funny. Did some core work instead.

16 May 2009

Roe Valley Sprint Triathlon 1:19:21 [Results]

Swim - 13:04 (34th)
T1 - 1:28
Bike - 40:39 (62nd)
T2 - 1:54
Run - 22:19 (75th)

Total: 61st out of 134
M40-44: 11th out of 16

First triathlon in bizarre conditions. Swim was very good - got in Lane 1 and was much faster than anticipated. T1 was slow, because I decided to wear an extra layer. Bike was horrendous - Gale force winds (over 60 km/h) and torrential rain on a hilly course. T2 was a nightmare. My hands and feet were freezing and I stupidly left my box open, so everything was soaked. It took me forever to put my shoes on. Run was good, once I felt my feet again. Fantastic experience; can't wait for the next one.

Open Water Swim

First Open Water swim. Better than expected, but still a bit scary... Only spent 10 minutes in the water to see what it is like

09 May 2009

Mannheim Half-marathon - 1:39:53 [Certificate] [Results]

1: 4:48
km 2: 4:45
km 3: 4:47
km 4: 4:49
km 5: 4:46
km 6: 4:44
km 7: 4:49
km 8: 4:47
km 9: 4:45
km 10: 4:47
km 11: 4:36
km 12: 4:36
km 13: 4:42
km 14: 4:39
km 15: 4:41
km 16: 4:42
km 17: 4:47
km 18: 4:36
km 19: 4:46
km 20: 4:45
km 21.1: 5:14

Wow, that was tough. Very warm and humid at start. Perfect timing, but real struggle on the last 3km. Big PB - now time to tackle the first triathlons. 300th out of over 2600 runners!

08 May 2009

Swim: 2000m
1600m (27:50), 400m easy

First proper swim in wet suit. Arms much better and no panic at all. Speed very good and consistent (52 secs for each length). Open water next... ;(-

07 May 2009

11.5km - 1:03

Easy run in very warm conditions.

Rudy Project Zuma

Finally replaced my 12 year old cycling helmet with something a bit more up-to-date

06 May 2009

Swim: 1600m
1500m (27:12), 100m easy

Much more promising swim today in wet suit. Really need to go into the water slowly, otherwise panic sets in until I am used to the cold. Swam 1500m non-stop in an outdoor 50m pool and it felt much better this time.

I then tried another 100m with my eyes closed under water. Was ok, but navigation is a nightmare - was all over the place. Good that noone else was in the pool...

05 May 2009


3.6 km Warm-up
6 Yasso 800s - 3:26 / 3:27 / 3:27 / 3:30 / 3:28 / 3:23 -> 3:27
4.4 km Cool-down

Legs still a bit tired from the weekend race.

04 May 2009

Swim: 1000m

First swim in full-body wet suit with plenty of stops for adjustments. I had the entire 50m outdoor pool to myself which wasn't surprising given the water temperature of 21 degrees.

Feel very constraint when wearing the suit. A bit of panic at the beginning which hampered my breathing. it improved once I floated for a bit and put my head under the water a few times. Arm movement seems very limited which is irritating. On a positive note, the buoyancy really increases speed. Need another pool session before heading in the open water.

03 May 2009

St. Leon-Rot Half-marathon - 1:48:27 [Results]

km 1: 5:20
km 2: 5:11
km 3: 5:41 (pee stop!)
km 4: 5:08
km 5: 5:29
km 6: 5:16
km 7: 5:25
km 8: 5:21
km 9: 5:09
km 10: 5:25
km 11: 5:15
km 12: 4:53
km 13: 5:00
km 14: 5:00
km 15: 4:57
km 16: 4:57
km 17: 4:54
km 18: 4:56
km 19: 4:53
km 20: 4:53
km 21.1: 5:17

Very good preparation race for next week. Took first hour easy and ran last 10km in sub 50:00 as planned. Flat course and mostly through forrests. Got very warm towards the end.

02 May 2009

Swim 1600m (1000, 200, 200, 200)

First swim in 50m outdoor pool. Still a long way to go.

28 Apr 2009

26.5km - 1:00

Easy hour on the bike to loosen the legs.

27 Apr 2009

10km - 51:30

Run along the river Clyde in Glasgow. First 5k easy, second hard (23:30). First run with new Skins. Mental note to self: do not wear them inside out...

26 Apr 2009

40km - 1:21

Quite good conditions (no wind and only rain at the end), but speed still not up to where I want it to be.


Finally gave in and purchased a pair of Half Tight Sport Skins...

25 Apr 2009

20km - 1:55

Very easy run in very good conditions. Good swim in the evening.

Swim (1600m) - approx. 32:00

24 Apr 2009


3 km Warm-up
4 Yasso 800s - 3:26 / 3:27 / 3:22 / 3:25 -> 3:25
3 km Cool-down

Short Yasso session - still a bit tired.

23 Apr 2009

Gym 30 minutes (30 Core)

Had planned a swim as well, but hangover wouldn't allow...