25 Oct 2009

Frankfurt Marathon - DNF

km 1: 5:08
km 2: 5:14
km 3: 5:12
km 4: 5:17
km 5: 5:14 - 0:26:03
km 6: 5:10
km 7: 5:14
km 8: 5:14
km 9: 5:19
km 10: 5:15 - 0:52:15 (26:12)
km 11: 5:11
km 12: 5:16
km 13: 5:10
km 14: 5:16
km 15: 5:16 - 1:18:23 (26:13)
km 16: 5:19
km 17: 5:13
km 18: 5:20
km 19: 5:16
km 20: 6:00 - 1:45:32 (27:09) - pee stop
km 21: 5:20
HM: 1:51:24
km 22: 5:17
km 23: 5:33
km 24: 5:24
km 25: 5:43 - 2:13:03 (27:29)
km 26: 5:18
km 27: 6:10
km 28: 7:00

Well, well. Marathon number 13 didn't have a happy ending. I knew that it'll be a tough ask to run with the bruised leg and a dodgy hamstring. I started feeling pain after an hour which then got progressively worse. At the half-way point I felt the way I usually feel at 22 miles. I knew then that I am unlikely to last and pulled out half an hour later. A bit of a depressing feeling, but better than causing any long-term damage, I guess.

23 Oct 2009

9km - 48:40

Last test run before Frankfurt. 5k easy, 2k fast (9:00) and 2k easy. The pain in the right leg seems to move around. Still in two minds whether I should start on Sunday or not -let's see how I feel tomorrow.

Pre Frankfurt Body Composition

Body Fat
17.3% (LA 16.6 RA 15.1 RL 15.0 LL 15.6, B 18.7)
Total Body Water
Muscle Mass
67.4kg (LA 3.9 RA 3.9 RL 11.2 LL 10.8, B 37.6, 5)
Physique Rating
Basal Metabolic Rate
2057 KJ
Metabolism Age
Bone Mass
Resting Heart Rate

I have lost 2kgs since Locarno, but it appears that it is all muscles which is no good at all.


Last physio session before Frankfurt. He was a bit concerned about the massive bruise that is now covering most of the thigh and has moved down to cover the entire knee as well. Will go for another test run tomorrow to see how painful it really is and decide then.

Had planned to go for an early morning swim. One pool was closed the other one was used for mother & toddler swimming...

21 Oct 2009

Gym: 55 minutes (30 strenth, 25 core)

Another good gym session.

20 Oct 2009

12km - 1:04:30

Another test run before Frankfurt. Hamstring same as before - I will just have to stop once or twice and stretch it out. Right leg, which is now starting to turn blue, still hurts, but is getting better.


OK, the latest is now that the problems are caused by left side of the hip. A combination of mild degeneration (not so good) and core weakness (I knew that - Pilates needed) is causing the pain. Apparently, I can't do any damage when running, it can just become very painful. Ergo: Frankfurt is on!

19 Oct 2009

Gym: 60 minutes (40 strenth, 20 core)

2 week voucher to test a gym I might join. Very good so far.

18 Oct 2009

7.5km - 40:00

Little test run at moderate pace. Bruised leg still painful but possible to run on. This side should be ok for Sunday. Not so sure about hamstring, though. Could feel it from the onset. More physio tomorrow.


As if my left hamstring and back problems aren't enough, I walked into the side of the sofa today and have now a massive bruise on the other leg. Couldn't walk on it for a while; at least I am able to limp now. Not good and very painful and certainly not what I need a week before a marathon...

15 Oct 2009

Swim: 1200m

Easy swim since this is the only thing I am allowed to do. Back sore from yesterday's treatment, but hamstring (so far) ok.


Another physio session. Got more work done on my lower back. Things seem to be improving, but very slowly and painfully. Another 2 days without running. Allowed to swim, though.


Have been to see the physio today and was told that all the hamstring problems stem from a vertebra that has moved sideways a bit and is now irritating a nerve that travels down the leg. Vertebra has been adjusted and some trigger points have been - wait for it - triggered.

Back on Wednesday for another and 3 days rest. Physio is optimistic that Frankfurt will be ok. Let his optimism turn into reality...

11 Oct 2009

32km - 3:06

Very easy and paced run. Last 20 miler before Frankfurt. Heart was very good (sub 130 until half way point) but hamstring caused problems from 20k. Taper and physio time...

09 Oct 2009

28km - 1:03

Easy bike ride. Legs very tired after yesterday's Yasso session. Time for a day's rest.

08 Oct 2009


15 min Warm-up
5 Yasso 800s - 3:15/ 3:19 / 3:20 / 3:16 / 3:19 -> 3:18
15 min Cool-down

Very good Yasso session. Hamstring was 80% ok - moving in the right direction.

07 Oct 2009

1000m - 18:00 (approx.)

Very early (7am!) swim in Wrexham Waterworld pool.

06 Oct 2009

10.7km - 1:00

Easy (very) early run in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens in London.

05 Oct 2009

Gym: 40 minutes (20 strenth, 20 core)

Unplanned session in gym in London.

04 Oct 2009

42km - 1:30

Easy ride in windy conditions. Good hangover cure...

03 Oct 2009

25km - 2:13

Dress rehearsal for Frankfurt Marathon. 4km warm up, 20km planned marathon pace (1:44:30) and another km to cool down. Generally good. Started to feel hamstring from km 20 and heart rate is still too high.

01 Oct 2009

11.2km - 1:02

Easy / moderate run in Hyde Park, London. Hamstring improving.