29 Apr 2007

5.5km - 32:30

First little jog after the radio frequency ablation 4 days ago. Leg still very bruised and hence painful. Felt very, very good!

Decided to skip the Belfast Marathon and run in the relay instead. Just in case...

24 Apr 2007

12.4km - 1:12

Nice and easy recovery run. Shoulder and neck still a bit stiff.

22 Apr 2007

31.2km - 3:03:30

Quite tough towards the end. Ran km 8 - 22 with the U&R crowd which got a bit fast after 10 miles. Everything else ok.


Have been to the chiropractioner to get my neck sorted. Looks like there is a lot of asymmetry present that not only causes the pain in the neck -;), but also in the lower back and the left ham string.

A lot of clicking and cracking of bones - felt much better afterwards. Have to go back now twice a week for six weeks...

19 Apr 2007

11km - 1:02

Moderate speed. Short AF (2 minutes) during warm-up. Rest no problem.

17 Apr 2007

10.5km - 1:02

Easy recovery run; partly undulating.

15 Apr 2007

31.8km - 3:09

Well, well. 20 miles without major difficulties. Deliberately very slow to keep the HR under control. Looks like I have no option, but to sign up for for the Belfast Marathon ;-)

13 Apr 2007

12.1km - 1:10

Easy run in Ormeau Park. Last prep run before Sunday's big test...

09 Apr 2007

16km - 1:29:30

Second half more than 3 minutes faster than first. Very good!

07 Apr 2007

24km - 2:19

First long run in some time. Went quite well. HR a bit high towards the end. Very promising.

Wii Sports

Stepped into the virtual world of Nintendo Wii. Very impressive indeed and far less strenous than the real thing. Played tennis, golf, table tennis and got knocked out in the 3rd round of boxing!

03 Apr 2007

12km - 1:06

Moderate speed; quite good run. GPS didn't work. Again!

01 Apr 2007

16.9km - 1:35

Easy run in perfect weather conditions. Was accompanied by a Brompton all the way...

March 2007 Body Composition

92.9kg (+0.6kg)
Body Fat
21.6% (+0.2%)
Total Body Water
52.1% (-0.2%)
Muscle Mass
69.2kg (+0.2kg)
Physique Rating
2 (0)
Basal Metabolic Rate2139 KJ (+10)
Metabolism Age
39 (+1)
Bone Mass

Right, enough is enough. Drastic measures are required...