Red Wine is a pain in the ar$e...

... literally. Had too much red wine on Friday evening and fell down the stairs. Hurt my bum quite badly. I could hardly walk on Saturday, cycling was sort of ok. Sunday was equally painful, so I skipped my planned long run. Things were slightly better today. I ran for 30 minutes - things improved throughout, so I am hoping to be ok(ish) tomorrow.

Lessons learned? Probably none ;-)

Well, a week on, the pain has mostly gone, but a lovely spectrum of blues has appeared...

ZEO Personal Sleep Coach

This is the best toy I have bought in a very long time. In short, you wear a silly looking headband during the night and the ZEO measures your sleep (deep sleep, light sleep, REM and wake phases) and also calculates a ZQ (sleep quotient). You then then enter some values for a number of so called sleep stealers, e.g. having exercises vigorously in the evening. Over time, their online software provides you with very good analyses about your sleep, factors that impact on good and poor sleep, and also effects it has during the next day. Here's a couple of screenshots and also a report from the first week of usage.

Spinning Marathon

Took part in the first 2 out of 3 legs of the TSG Weinheim Spinning Marathon. 3 hours with a 15 minute break at half-time took its toll after about 2 hours. Good fun, but very exhausted...

Swimming Technique

Got filmed again in training. Getting a bit frustrated as I haven't really made much progress recently. Technique still very poor.

Dein linker Arm zieht unter Wasser zu weit nach aussen und ist zudem extrem im Ellbogengelenk gestreckt! Denk daran dass Du ein Bierfass unter Deinem Körper durchschieben möchtest!! Oder einen großen Gymnastikball!

Ellbogen taucht zu erst ins Wasser ein. Es sollten aber die Fingerkuppensein die als erstes Eintauchen. Du musst auch noch viel viel mehr den Unterarm ans Wasser anstellen. D.h. HALT am Wasser finden. Momentan schneiden beide Arme durchs Wasser und geben Dir so kaum Vortrieb!!