24 Feb 2010

46.2km - 1:48 (606m / 77rpm / 25.6kmh/ 137bpm)

First hilly ride in spring-like conditions. Bit of a struggle at the steep parts of the course due to lack of gears and lack of strength.

23 Feb 2010

60:00 - 12km

2km easy, 8km fast (4:50 km/h average), 2km easy. First run without gloves.

Swim: 2300m
300m warmup
200m arms ahead / 200m normal / 100m legs only 

200m arms only / 200m normal / 100m legs only 
50m easy
200m high elbow / 200m normal / 100m legs only 
200m high arms / 200m normal
50m easy

22 Feb 2010

Gym: 60 minutes (upper body)

Good session. Felt that strength is actually improving and not just maintained.


I think I have finally found gels that are compatible with my stomach. Isotonic gels don't require to drink half a liter of water and are much less solid. Also, they don't taste like glue. I have tried 2 types (High5 and SIS) and both seem to work. I think I prefer the SIS ones, but need to sample all the tastes before making a decison.

I will get 12 sachets in a 750ml bottle which equates to approx. 1000 kcal.

21 Feb 2010

1:15 - 13.2km (Z1-Z2)

Easy undulating run on icy ground.

20 Feb 2010

2:55 - 78km

First long ride (all flat, but windy) on winter bike. Speed very slow even though I pushed hard. Not sure whether this was caused by traing uptake this week, wind, the bike or lack of strength. A bit irritated...

19 Feb 2010

12km - 1:04

A little bit longer than planned and a bugger of a hill instead of fartlek.

Gym: 60 minutes (mixed)

Slow session; a bit tired.

18 Feb 2010

Bike Turbo:
1:15:00 - 40 .2km - Avg: 130 bpm / 32.1 km/h / 173 Watt / 86 rpm

15 mins warm up, 5 * 1min hard (3%) / 1 min easy (-1%), 5 mins normal, 45 mins moderate (low Z2).

Swim: 2500m
100m warmup

600m normal / 50m easy / 500m normal / 50m easy / 400m
300m / 200m / 100m
200m pull byoe  

17 Feb 2010

Brick Session: 1:15

Bike Turbo:
45:00 - 22.3km - Avg: 110 bpm / 29.7 km/h / 130 Watt / 83 rpm

30:00 - 5.65km (Z2 - Z3)

Easy bike and relatively easy run (apart from the long hill).

16 Feb 2010

1:00 - 11.4km

10 minus warm-up, 5 * 1 min fast / 1 min jog, rest Z2.

Swim: 3000m

Longest swim ever! Took exactly 60 minutes - assuming I counted correctly.

15 Feb 2010

Gym: 50 minutes (upper body)

Quick session.

Body Composition - Start Build Phase

Body Fat
16.3% (LA 16.3 RA 14.9 RL 14.1 LL 14.8, B 17.5)
Total Body Water
Muscle Mass
69.2kg (LA 4.0 RA 4.0 RL 11.5 LL 11.1, B 38.6, 5)
Physique Rating
Basal Metabolic Rate
2111 KJ
Metabolism Age
Bone Mass
Resting Heart Rate

Moving in the right direction. Body fat and weight down, muscless mass constant. I guess that was the purpose of the Base Phase.

Start Build Phase

That's the first 10 weeks and the the Base Phase over. So far so good. I missed a few sessions due to travel, but did all the key ones. Build Phase starts tomorrow, but I am not sure whether I will be able to continue to stick with the program given next week's events.

Quite happy with progress so far. Didn't follow the program, but did similar sessions with the club. Swim seminar was very helpful. I think I will initially stick to 2 sessions a week instead of 3.

Missed a couple of the shorter and faster sessions. Also, progress hampered by weeks of snow. Getting fed up with long sessions on turbo, but nothing I can do. Endurance ok, but hills will be a struggle.

All good, except hamstring.

14 Feb 2010

Bike Turbo:
3:00:00 - 85.7km - Avg: 119 bpm / 28.6 km/h / 118 Watt / 87 rpm

Snow is back, so I had to revert to the turbo for a 3 hour session. It doesn't get more boring than that. First 2 hours easy, last hour moderate. Stopped after 50km for 5 minutes to grab a bite to eat.

13 Feb 2010

1:30 - 15.8km

First long(ish) run at slow speed. Left hamstring string still causing problems.

Started taking Resveratrol.

12 Feb 2010

Bike Turbo:
60:00 - 32.6km - Avg: 122 bpm / 32.6 km/h / 162 Watt / 92 rpm

First half easy, second half 100 RPM. Wore new Garmin HR belt for the first time. Much more comfortable than old version.

Gym: 60 minutes (upper body)

11 Feb 2010

Swim: 2200m
200m warmup

400m normal
4 * 25m legs only

50m easy
400m arms only
4 * 25m legs only

50m easy
400m normal
4 * 25m legs only

400m arms only

Missed bike session due to flight delays. 

10 Feb 2010

12.5km - 1:03:30

Fast run with Up & Runners after a very good morning session with the physio. Lower back is still the problem for which I have been given 2 more stretches to do.

I have been entered in the Up & Runners Hall of Fame. Very humbled and embarrassed.

09 Feb 2010

60:00 - 10.85km

Easy early morning run in Belfast followed by an evening swim in Olympia:

Swim: 2000m
8 * 250m

Tried to apply an improvement to each leg. Felt less tired than normal.

08 Feb 2010

1 Hour massge. Was good to get all the lactic acid out of my legs.

07 Feb 2010

2:45 - 75.5km (415m / 84rpm / 27.3kmh/ 131bpm)

Very cold, but anything is better than on the turbo for that amount of time...

06 Feb 2010

49:00 - 9km (Z1 - Z2)

Easy to moderate run. Felt much better today, but hamstring still not good.

Swim Seminar

Attended a 5(!) hour swim seminar by Total Training Europe. Video analysis (see below), technique and theory. Very good event. The main technique things I have to improve on are
  • Look at the bottom rather than straight ahead
  • Arms wider when entering the water
  • fingertips pointing to the bottom
  • High elbow
  • Hand closer to stomach
  • More strength before exiting the water
  • Start breathing a bit earlier
  • Kick less high

05 Feb 2010

1:20 - 14.2km (Z1)

Esay run, but felt quite tired. Also, left hamstring causing problems again. Physio next week...

04 Feb 2010

Bike Turbo:
60:00 - 32.3km - Avg: 123 bpm / 32.3 km/h / 156 Watt / 100 rpm

Swim: 2400m
100m medley
200m high elbow
8 * 100m @ 2.15

50m easy
8 * 50m last quarter in single breath
50m easy

03 Feb 2010

Bike Turbo:
60:00 - 32.7km - Avg: ??? bpm / 32.7 km/h / ??? Watt  ?? rpm

15 minutes easy, 30 minutes moderate, 15 minutes hard. Dropped unit after I finished which reset it, so no data. This was supposed to be a brick session, but snow and rain just made it impossible to run.

02 Feb 2010

60:00 - 9.7km (Z1, Z2)

Running in deep snow is significantly harder (and slower) than I thought. Very scenic though...

Went to the Frankfurt Triathlon University of Frankfurt to listen to a talk on nutrition byOlaf Sabatschus (winner of a number of Ironman races, 5th in Hawaii). Quite interesting, but also rather confusing...