Kraichgauman Cross-Duathlon (6 / 20 / 3) - 1:50:06 [Results]

Run 1: 26:42

Bike: 1:06:03
Run 2: 16:01

Male: 53rd out of 62
All: 56th out of 66

This is my first (and most likely last) attempt at cross-duathlon. The first run was as expected, but the bike (MTB) was beyond my skill level. Crashed twice, but decided to finish ignoring knee, hip, should, elbow and hand...

Karlsruhe Half-Marathon

Karlruhe Half-Marathon - 2:01:41 [Results]

10: 57:38
km 20: 57:42

Was pace-making a friend, but we didn't achieve the 2 hour goal. Maybe he shouldn't have drunk a bottle of red wine the night before... ;-)

Duathlon Zofingen

Sprint Duathlon Zofingen (10 / 50 / 5) 2:57:41 [Results] [Certificate]

Run 1 - 46:25,8
T1 - 1:18,4
Bike - 1:40:05,7
T2 - 1:35,0
Run - 27:57,9

AK2M: 31st out of 58
Male: 128th out of 211
Overall: 142th out of 250

My first ever duathlon and I loved every minute of it. Well almost. I heard horrendous stories about the weather, but, apart from the wind, we had perfect conditions: sun and 27 degrees.

The first run was a 2 lap course that started on an uphill stretch, which kept getting significantly steeper after a few minutes. I had no idea about pacing, so took it rather easy. The second lap felt a little faster, but my legs were like jelly when I got into T1. The distance was about 800m short, which suited me quite well...

Transition in a duathlon is straightforward and the first 10k on the bike were ok; just the legs felt a bit dodgy. The first climb wasn't too bad, but I almost got caught out on the descent at over 70km/h. Probably the closest I have come to a crash in a race... The second climb was the toughest, but by then my legs had recovered from the run, so I felt quite strong, even on the 16% uphill part.

When I ran through T2, I realised that my legs were a mess. What followed was a hellish 2.5k uphill (including some walking) and a ferocious 2.5k downhill. More than happy with a sub 3 hour finish!

We then watched the long distance race world championship - now that is serious stuff. This was a great little event - if at all possible I will be entering another Powerman in 2015!

Sprint Triathlon Lorsch

Lorsch Sprint Triathlon (0.5 / 20 / 5) 1:10:41 [Results]

Swim - 10:00
T1 - 1:36
Bike - 36:18
T2 - 1:07
Run - 21:40

M45: 4th out of 39
Male: 36th out of 232
Overall: 39th out of 313

This is a great little local race. Swim in a 50m pool with 8 athletes in each lane. My speed is just not there and I came out of the pool at 9:40. Quite a long run into T1, which was followed by quite a tricky bike course: 2 bridges and 2 U-turns plus quite a few corners and strong winds times 3. The run is a nice 2 loops through the forest. Times and Garmin indicate that the bike was a bit too long while the run was a bit too short.

The best of all: I came 4th in my age group. out of 39. Having said this, there were a lot of beginners swimming breast stroke and on a mountain bike. Still was nice to see what it's like not being overtaken...

5150 Zürich

Zürich 5150 (1.6 / 40 / 10) 2:35:37 [Results][Details]

Swim - 31:44
T1 - 1:44
Bike - 1:11:50
T2 - 1:38
Run - 48:41

M45: 28th out of 71
Male: 332th out of 694
Overall: 379th out of 884

Well, that was a very wet affair. The rain started when we jumped in the water and it never stopped. The swim was 100m longer than expected, but even so, the time is very disappointing (with wet suit). The bike ride was quite tough since we had to do Heartbreak Hill 3 times. The run was quite uneventful - why I couldn't get more speed, I don't know.

I am just glad that I am racing again - time to plan some more events ahead.

Swim Exit - Need to loose weight
Heartbreak Hill 3 times in the rain

On the famous blue carpet
All done

Brezelfestlauf Speyer

Brezelfestlauf Speyer 8.2k - 36:20 [Results]

1: 4:23
km 2: 4:29
km 3: 4:27
km 4: 4:27
km 5: 4:32
km 6: 4:34

km 7: 4:35km 8: 4:29

M45: 31st out of 111
Male: 130st out of 607
Overall: 138th out of 818

Aileen's first Bambini run! I decided to run the 3 laps as a speed session as part of the training. Happy with sub 4:30 pace, but much happier about my little girl running her first little race (even though it was total chaos).

Lampertheim Sprint

Lampertheim Sprint Triathlon (750 / 20 / 5) 1:14:52 [Results]

Swim - 14:01
T1 - 1:27
Bike - 34:39
T2 - 1:24
Run - 23:10

M40: 8th out of 20
Male: 37th out of 66
Overall: 37th out of 82

First race in exactly 12 months and I am very pleased with the results given the conditions:
+ Wet suits were banned
+ Very windy conditions, especially on the bike
+ 5kg extra weight

Onwards and upwards - 4 weeks to go until the 5150 Zürich.

Mannheim Half-Marathon

Mannheim Half-Marathon - 1:43:10 [Certificate] [Results]

1: 5:00
km 2: 4:40
km 3: 5:11
km 4: 4:56
km 5: 4:58
km 6: 4:52
km 7: 4:55
km 8: 4:57
km 9: 4:57
km 10: 4:56
km 11: 4:55
km 12: 4:59
km 13: 4:54
km 14: 4:55
km 15: 4:54
km 16: 4:53
km 17: 4:59
km 18: 4:41
km 19: 4:34
km 20: 4:48

km 21.1: 5:13

M45: 78th out of 457
Male: 531st out of 2910
Overall: 568th out of 4168

First race in 11 (!) months. Was hoping for a 1:45, so very pleased with performance. I think I caught the bug again - signed up for the 5150 in Zurich in 8 weeks time. I better loose those 5kg in excess weight soon...

Bike Fitting

Got a (very) professional bike fitting done Very impressed with the way this was conducted and the result; can't wait to get going again...

Here's the video (before and after):