Gertfred Sprotte Gedächtnisfahrt

Another act of madness: have been talked into doing the Gertfred Sprotte cycling tour. 201km and 2750m of climbing. This feels impossible, especially on a day when you had to cancel the planned ride due to cold / man flu.

Finis Swimsense

Did my first swim with the newly acquired Finis Swimsense.

It is supposed to measure the number of strokes and the time for each length and it claims to recognise turns no matter what stroke you do. This works great, but not when you do drills. Unfortunately, this is what we do most Thursdays. I think this will be a great tool when swimming distances as it gives you great stats and shows when you are starting to worsen.

Training Camp Day 7

Last day of an amazing, but very exhausting week with 23(!) hours training. Did an easy 2 hour ride, followed by a 45 min run.

Thank you Friends on Bikes for a good week. Time to go home now.

Training Camp Day 6

... and a killer stage it was. 2,700m in climbs and 6 hours in the saddle. Toughest ride I have ever done, but well worth the experience. This would be much easier if (a) I had a 34 chain ring and (b) would weigh 10 pounds less. This is the climb to Mount Limbara (1,360m):

The climb even made it on I think I am going to have a beer tonight!

Training Camp Day 5

Easy ride today in preparation for tomorrow's killer stage. Best scenery so far, when riding around the Island of Magdalena.

Training Camp Day 4

Rest day. Well, rest from cycling. We went for an easy run in (very) undulating terrain and almost 30 degrees, but stunning scenery.

Training Camp Day 3

That was the toughest ride so far, but all good. Starting to get the hang of the hills, hills, and more hills. 123km and 1,600m of climbing, and over 5 hours in the saddle.

Rest day tomorrow. No cycling, but probably going for a little run.

Training Camp Day 2

Much easier ride today. Less speed, fewer hills, and shorter distance. Did a brick session instead of joining the others for their monster ride and managed a 30 min (very) hilly run.

Training Camp Day 1

Arrived late in the hotel on Sat evening and didn't sleep too well. My snoring room mate didn't help ;-)

We decided to join the crowd from the organizers for their introduction tour. Moved on at 30km since it was too slow and had a nice break at km 50. Got lost after that and ended up doing a few extra miles and hills... Oh, and got sub burned even with sun lotion applied.