30 May 2010

Brick Session: 2:55

27.3km - 1:00 (75m / 87rpm / 27.3kmh / 113bpm)

21km - 1:55 (Z1)

Wet bike ride at relatively high cadence followed by a very controlled run.

Oh, and courtesy of Veet, my legs are now as smooth as a baby's bum. Things you do in the name of sports...

Number 2446

Just received my start number for Challenge Roth. 2446. I like that number.

Will be starting in wave 13. 49 days to go.

29 May 2010

145km - 5:08 (1320m / 71rpm / 28.2kmh / 135bpm)

Longest solo ride so far without any major problems. Home - Challenge Kraichgau route - home.

Also sorted out rear cage. New Bontrager Race Lite Rear cage fitted which holds tools, pump and 2 CO2 cartrigdes.

28 May 2010

Gym: 60 minutes (mixed)

First gym session in a long time. Right calf very tight from yesterday's cramp.

Swim: 2200m
1500m / 300m / 300m / 100m

Started to cramp up again, so stopped session early. Spoke with a club mate who has exactly the same problem and also has spasms in his calves after long bike rides. Massages helped him. Booked one for Monday.

27 May 2010

Brick Session: 2:04

Swim: 1900m - 35:00

44.6km - 1:29 (360m / 75rpm / 30.0kmh / ???bpm)

Swim was the course of the Kraichgau Challenge. Got a severe cramp 100m before the finish. Quite scary, I must admit. Need to strech before swims in cold water, take more magnesium and take on more liquid.

Rode first 25% of Challenge Kraichgau bike course and turned back.

26 May 2010

12.7km - 1:12 (Z1)

Easy, undulating run in torrential rain.

25 May 2010

Swim: 2500m

First open-water swim of the season. Very good to swim in a group. Mild cramp in left calf towards the end.

24 May 2010

RTF Ried-Odenwald Rundfahrt
156km - 5:11 (1980m / 69rpm / 29.7kmh / 134bpm)

Fantastic event in perfect conditions. 28 degrees, sunny and little wind. Cycled the first 40 km in a large group of about 100 riders (including Norman Stadler) before the hills started.Got nutrition right for the first time and could have gone on or run in the end.

Garmin stopped recording at some stage...

23 May 2010

26.7km - 2:33

Long run in very warm conditions. Legs a bit tired in the beginning, but generally ok. Left hamstring started to hurt on the last few miles.

22 May 2010

Brick Session: 4:06

94.2km - 3:04 (370m / 77rpm / 30.7kmh / 130bpm)

11.8km - 1:02 (Z2 - Z3)

Felt quite strong on the bike, but struggled on the run to get hearte rate under control (avg 162bpm!). The heat and lack of liquids didn't help. Was mid 30s in teh sun by the time I finished.

21 May 2010

Swim: 3200m
500m warmup
1000m (10 * 25m left arms / 25m right arm / 25m normal)

400m (4 * 100m @ 2:00)
400m normal

400m (4 * 100m @ 2:00)
400m normal

100m cool down

First club session in the 50m outdoor pool in wet suit.

20 May 2010

First day rest due to tiredness and poor time management. Went to see physio in the afternoon and things look a bit better. We'll decide what to do next after the heavy Pentecost weekend.

Watched Germany going through to the semis in the ice hockey world cup in Mannheim for the first time in 57 years. Great game and fantastic athmosphere.

19 May 2010

60:00 - 10.4km

(Very) early morning run alongside Chorley canal. Very slow.

18 May 2010

Swim: 2000m

Easy swim in Chorley 25m leisure centre. Stopped, because started to get cramps.

12km - 1:04

5k easy (Z1), 5k fartlek (Z2), 2k easy (Z1) alongside Chorley canal.

16 May 2010

2:00 - 21km (Z1)

Easy and long run. Legs a bit heavy at the beginning, but generally ok.

15 May 2010

102km - 3:36 (1050m / 76rpm / 28.3kmh/ 129bpm)

This included a lap of Challenge Roth. One nasty hill, a couple of bumps and the rest undulating. This is doable! I don't think the total ascent is correct, though.

13 May 2010

Amberg Olympic Triathlon 2:26:57 [Results] [Certificate]

Swim - 24:30
T1 - 3:19
Bike - 1:16:20
T2 - 1:54
Run - 40:52

Total: 93th out of 191
M40: 6th out of 19

The swim was in a 50m pool with 8 athletes in each lane. Things were a bit hectic during the first 200m as we all swam same speed. I decided to drop to the back to avoid the clashes at every turn. We all came out of the water within a few seconds which was followed by a very long run (over 300m ) into T1. My heart rate was at 178 at this stage which is plain stupid.

By this time the heavens had opened and at 13 degrees the cycle wasn't to be pleasent. The bike part comprised of 2 laps with a total of 340m altitude. It took me a bit of time to get my pulse down again and never really felt comfortable due to the cold and wet. By the time I got into T2, my feet were like ice blocks.

The run was very good and very fast. It was 550m short according to the organisiers. All in all a good event, but the poor weather resulted in very few spectators and virtually zero atmosphere. Perfect preparation race with a promising time.

11 May 2010

60:00 - 11.1 km

30 min Easy
4 Yasso 800s - 3:18/ 3:22/ 3:24 / 3:22 -> 3:22
Rest Easy

Bit of a struggle, but ok otherwise. Been back to physio and the problem appears to be around the lumbat vertebrae. Need to do more core work! Nothing to worry about for Thursday's race, though.

Swimming: 2000m

Easy wet suit swim in 50m outdoor pool.

09 May 2010

99km - 3:33 (930m / 64rpm / 27.8kmh/ 131bpm)

Organised test ride of Challenge Kraichgau route. So much easier to ride in a group. Back ok, but not 100%. Oh, and I (accidentally) overtook Hawaii winner Thomas Hellriegel on the bike (for about 2 seconds).

Also tried out Volcano Energy bars by Pharmica for the first time. Really like the taste and texture of them. They are not as sweet as other products and seem to be an ideal complement to my existing nutrition.

08 May 2010

Brick Session: 2:00

32km - 1:00 (40m / 85rpm / 32.0kmh/ 140bpm)

11.45km - 60:00 (Z2 - Z3)

First training after back problems. Bike all flat and no problems, despite speed. First half of run fast (6.2km), rest easy. Bit of a niggle halfway through the run, but ok now.

Body Composition - May

Body Fat16.6% (LA 16.0 RA 14.2 RL 14.3 LL 15.1, B 18.1)
Total Body Water58.4%
Muscle Mass67.2kg (LA 3.9 RA 4.0 RL 11.1 LL 10.8, B 37.4, 5)
Physique Rating6
Basal Metabolic Rate2045 KJ
Metabolism Age26
Bone Mass3.5kg
Resting Heart Rate56

End of build phase and values haven't really changed in the last month. Not sure if this is good or bad. Feeling good, though!

07 May 2010

1500m - 24:45

Another outdoor swim. Slightly bizarre conditions: air temperature 8 celcius, water 21!

Back is much bestter than yesterday. Decided to give it another rest and resume running and cycling tomorrow.

06 May 2010

Swim: 2400m
100m normal

400m (4 * 50m pull buoye)
50m easy
300m (6 * 50m legs only)
200m (4 * 25m 8 strokes, 4 * 25m 6 strokes)

Back a bit better, but still not good. Decided to stick to swimming only. Also purchased a second hand Swopper which hopefully helps my back as well.

05 May 2010

1500m - 24:50

First wet suit swim in (heated) 50m outdoor pool. 80% effort and already faster than last year's best time - looks like the winter training was worth the effort.

Also been to physio. Problem is only partly muscular. Have to apply heat, do some gentle stretches and monitor how pain develops over the next few days. Able / allowed to exercise, but have to be careful. Also should avoid any abrupt movements.

04 May 2010


11.2km - 1:04 (Z1 - Z2)

20 minutes very easy, then 10 minutes fartlek, reast easy. A bit concerned about the sharp pain in my lower (right) back.

First test with new Garmin FR60 which I am planning to use for races. 

Swim: 2300m
600m (2 * 300m normal)

1500m (10 *  25m left arm / 25m right arm / 25m 3 strokes / 75m normal)
100m (2 * 25m arms breast stroke, legs normal)
100m normal

The  severity of my lower back problem has increased quite drastically. Before the swim I couldn't even lift my leg without sharp pain. Swim helped a bit, but not great. Don't think it is macular; it feels more like a trapped nerve.

02 May 2010

143.3km - 5:10 (1050m / 68rpm / 27.7 kmh / 125bpm)

Longest ride so far which included the Challenge Kraichgau route. Cycled in a group of 4. A bit slow for my liking, but maybe this is what I should do every so often. Could have gone on which is good. Some lower back pain afterwards.

01 May 2010

25.4km - 2:25

Longest run so far. Very slow and completely flat. Tried to run a bit more upright in order to minimise hamstring problems (part of physio treatment). Did work quite well, but normal pain started after 1 1/2 hours.