31 Jan 2006

20 Minutes Warm Up
800m (3:27) ** 800m (3:31) +* 800m(3:33) ++ 800m(3:29) +* 800m(3:29) +* 800m(3:27)
10 Minutes Cool Down

29 Jan 2006

Running: 14.8km - 1:21:00

Had to take it a bit easy. Left calf giving me some trouble.

27 Jan 2006

10 Minutes Warm Up
8000m - 39:46
10 Minutes Cool Down

More than 2 minutes faster than scheduled; not sure if this was a good idea...

25 Jan 2006

12 Minutes Warm Up
400m (1:41) **** 600m (2:38) **** 800m(3:34) **** 1200m(5:26) +*** 800m(3:34) +*** 600m(2:38) +*** 400m(1:42)
10 Minutes Cool Down

* 100m jogging
+ 100m walking

Straight off the plane and on the track. Not a good idea...

22 Jan 2006

Running: 15.5km - 1:29:00

Went running with an old school mate back home. Very good and relaxed. Decided to run the Mannheim Marathon Duo in May together!

Polar RS200sd Running Computer

Finally got round to buy myself a Polar with heart rate monitoring (via Wearlink transmitter) and speed & distance tracking (via footpod). Still battling through the 82 page instructions...

19 Jan 2006

20 Minutes Warm Up
4.8km - 23:40
10 Minutes Cool Down

18 Jan 2006

Weights: 150 reps @ 40lbs

17 Jan 2006

12 Minutes Warm Up
12 * 400m
10 Minutes Cool Down

Stupidly forgot my watch so I couldn't time the laps. Reckon it was between 1:40 and 1:45, but we'll never know...

15 Jan 2006

Running: 12.0km - 1:05:45

Rain and strong winds. Good run, although some jet lag.


Having read about this in Runner's World, I have decided that, for the first time, I will follow a proper training schedule. The FIRST programme claims that 3 key runs per week are sufficient to improve your (half-) marathon performance, supplemented by 1-2 weekly cross-training sessions (rowing, cycling, swimming, weights, etc).

I am planning to follow the 18 week half-marathon training programme, which will finish on May, 22nd. The target time for the 21.1km is 1:48 (10 km of 48 minutes plus 20 seconds per mile).

13 Jan 2006

Running: 8.0km - 0:44:00 (Tread mill)

Body back to abnormal. Had a very good 45 minute head and shoulder massage prior to the run. Good preparation for jetleg to come, I hope...

12 Jan 2006

Feeling slightly better, but still a bit wobbly. Horizontal most of the day. Needless to say, running was still not on the agenda.

11 Jan 2006

Not a good day at all. Woke up feeling slightly strange. Got to crazy Bangkok in the afternoon and felt worse. Threw up entire stomach content in the evening; reckon it was food poisoning from the prawns I ate the night before. An interesting way to loose weight...

10 Jan 2006

Running: 12.0km - 1:03:00 (Tread mill)

Back to the stop & go tread mill (Stex 8020T - the random running machine). Also not quite sure how accurate the device is. This was after another nice 45 minute foot massage.

09 Jan 2006

Did a lot of walking on my day off, so the calfs are a bit wobbly. Had a phantasic 30 minutes foot massage for less than £2!

08 Jan 2006

Running: 10.0km - 0:53:00 (Tread mill)
Swimming: 500m

Running on a very dodgy tread mill in a hotel in Chiang Mai in Thailand. The belt kept slipping after every 5-6 steps and the machine cut out power 4 times, both of which is slightly irritating. With outside temperatures above 30 degrees Celcius, it was hard to understand how they manage to keep the water temperature that cold...

04 Jan 2006

Running: 11.0km - 1:02:00

Easy, faster towards the end. Still a bit of a cold. Butt fine for the first time in weeks!

02 Jan 2006

Running: 10.5 km - 0:58:00

1st run of the year. Felt good, although the cold. Started feeling my buttocks a little bit on the last 10 minutes.

01 Jan 2006

Weights: 120 reps @ 40lbs
Rowing: 5000m - 21:30

No hangover! Feel crap though. Caught a bit of a cold.

1st Blog

First Blog attempt. Wasn't quite sure what to blog about, so I thought I'll keep a diary of my running / rowing / etc. I was told this is the thing to do, so here we go.