28 Jan 2009

11km - 1:02

Early morning easy(ish) run through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

26 Jan 2009

10.7km - 60:00

Was supposed to be an easy recovery run, but legs were still very tired.

24 Jan 2009

20km - 1:54

Easy run on the Comber Greenway in frosty and sunny conditions. And after some lunch:

50km - 1:55

Weather forecast for tomorrow is snow, so I thought I'll try a double-whammy which worked out better than anticipated. Legs a bit heavy, but all in all good. New tyres on the bike with more grip which helps in those conditions.

22 Jan 2009

Swim: 1600m (400, 800, 400)

Getting back to swim form.

21 Jan 2009

Gym 45 minutes (45 Strength)

Quite a tough session, but ok.

20 Jan 2009

11km - 60:00

Tried to push it a bit with 4th km fast (4:30) to check out hip, but result wasn't good. Getting a bit frustrated...

18 Jan 2009

Running: 16.3km - 1:28

Very good run, considering that I have been on my feet for 4 days. The only thing that hurt was my head which I banged at the expo stand - face now looking even worse than usual...

14 Jan 2009

11km - 1:01

(Very) early morning run in Hyde Park. Hip fine during run, but bad again afterwards.

13 Jan 2009

Swim: 1000m

Quick km in the pool before standing my feet for 4 days.

11 Jan 2009

12.5km (approx) - 1:10

First run in a while. Very mild, wet and windy. Mostly undulating, last 2 km fast. Hip good during run, but still not 100% afterwards.

10 Jan 2009

40km - 1:32

First ride on my new bike in very stormy conditions.Very, very pleased so far!

09 Jan 2009

Gym 45 minutes (45 Strength)

First gym session in a while.

07 Jan 2009

Swim: 1200m (400, 400, 400)

... in a hotel pool in Waterford.

02 - 04 Jan 2009

Finally gave in and skied for 3 days in the French Alps (La Clusaz, Flaine and Le Grand Bornand). Very cold - especially when wearing jeans... - but very good. Even got the hang of those carving skis.