Sprint Triathlon Lorsch

Lorsch Sprint Triathlon (0.5 / 20 / 5) 1:10:41 [Results]

Swim - 10:00
T1 - 1:36
Bike - 36:18
T2 - 1:07
Run - 21:40

M45: 4th out of 39
Male: 36th out of 232
Overall: 39th out of 313

This is a great little local race. Swim in a 50m pool with 8 athletes in each lane. My speed is just not there and I came out of the pool at 9:40. Quite a long run into T1, which was followed by quite a tricky bike course: 2 bridges and 2 U-turns plus quite a few corners and strong winds times 3. The run is a nice 2 loops through the forest. Times and Garmin indicate that the bike was a bit too long while the run was a bit too short.

The best of all: I came 4th in my age group. out of 39. Having said this, there were a lot of beginners swimming breast stroke and on a mountain bike. Still was nice to see what it's like not being overtaken...