31 Aug 2010

60:00 - 11.2km (Z1 - Z3)

15 mins easy, 5 mins fartlek, 15 mins easy, 5 mins fartlek, 15 mins easy, 1lm fast (4:24)

1750m - 45:00

Water getting quite cold now.

29 Aug 2010

1:30 - 16.3km (Z1 - Z2)

Easy run in quite cold and windy conditions.

28 AUg 2010

Brick Session: 2:33

61.2km - 2:02 (160m / 84rpm / 29.9kmh / ???bpm)

6.1km - 30:00 (Z2-Z3)

First brick session in almost 2 months. Relatively easy bike ride and fast run. A bit tired, but all good.

26 Aug 2010

12.3km - 1:03:30

Moderate to fast pace, mostly undulating. Fastest run in weeks - starting to get some pace back in my legs...

25 Aug 2010

km - 1:42 (530m / 80rpm / 27.2kmh / ???bpm) 

One half flat, other half hilly. Finally got the SRAM Red 26-11 cassette fitted, but something is not 100%.

24 Aug 2010

60:00 - 11.1 km

30 min easy
4 Yasso 800s - 3:31 / 3:34 / 3:32 / 3:27 --> 3:31
5 min easy

Legs very sluggish, so took it easy during Yassos.

Swim: 2200m

Choppy open-water swim with some technique at the end.

22 Aug 2010

14km - 1:17

Longest run since Roth. Legs a bit tired from cycling yesterday, but all ok. Ran from home to the V-Card Triathlon in Viernheim. As I had a number I decided I might as well do the swim and pick up my paid for goodies.

1500m - 30:08

Wetsuits were banned because the water temperature was 23+ degrees. Felt very good throughout, so a bit disappointed by the slow time. Swim included a running passage where we had to leave the water an enter again.

Watched the final race of the Rhein-Neckar-Cup in the stadium, which also included T2 - this is as German as it gets ;-)

21 Aug 2010

km - 3:13 (630m / 81rpm / 29.2kmh / ???bpm) 

First long(ish) ride since Roth. Very easy in a group of 4. AF after 45 mins.

18 Aug 2010

Core: 30 minutes

First session at home. Very frustrating to see how poor my flexibility and core strength is. A lot of work required over the next few months.

km - 1:23 (170m / ??rpm / 32.7kmh / ???bpm) 

Quite a fast ride in windy conditions. Bot sure how accurate the reading is as the Garmin freaked out again - time for a reset.

17 Aug 2010

Swim: 2000m

Choppy open-water swim. I feel that my swimming is getting worse; just don't seem to have any forward power.

16 Aug 2010

60:00 - 10.95 km

30 min Easy
3 Yasso 800s - 3:20/ 3:19/ 3:24 --> 3:21
10 min barefood on grass

First Yasso session in a long time. Hard work, but getting there. Knee ok again, but left hamstring problem is back. I think there is a pain in my body that just keeps moving around ;-)

70.3 Germany 2011

Still insured, so I thought I sign up for next year's 70.3 Germany in Wiesbaden which also includes the European Championship.

14 Aug 2010

km - 1:48 (150m / ??rpm / 29.8kmh / ???bpm) 

Very easy ride. Started to feel tendion in right knee after approx. 45 minutes and took the shorter route. Garmin went bananas after an hour...

13 Aug 2010

Core: 25 minutes

Yet another early morning session. Tendion behind knee hasn't really improved, so only going for a short test spin tomorrow to see how it feels on the bike.

12 Aug 2010

Core: 20 minutes

This seems even harder early in the morning and in Istanbul heat and humidity.

10 Aug 2010

Swim: 2000m

Easy open-water swim. Tendon behind knee is still not 100%, so decided to skip planned bike ride yesterday and run today. Off to Istanbul tomorrow morning, so 3 days of core training.

09 Aug 2010

60:00 - 11.45km (Z1 - Z3)

Moderate to fast run. Legs slowly coming back. Heart monitor freaking out - pulse apparently up to 251! Bit of a niggle behind my right knee; feels like ligaments, but not sure.

07 Aug 2010

km - 2:52 (230m / ??rpm / 31.7kmh / 126bpm) 

Looks like my cycling legs are back. Heart rate a bit high towards the end, but ok. Changed the position of the pads on the aero bar which feels much better.

06 Aug 2010

Swim: 2000m

Quite a tough and very good session with new swim coach. Glad I was too lazy to run in the morning...

05 Aug 2010

Core: 20 minutes

I decided that I need to start working more on my core strength and flexibility. Hoping to do this instead of going to (and paying for) the gym as this also works well when travelling. Some of the exercises I can't do at all, especially the balance ones.

Update: tummy muscles very sore the day after...

04 Aug 2010

km - 1:00 (200m / ??rpm / 30.0kmh / ???bpm) 

Quick ride before heading off to the airport. First few hills since Roth.

03 Aug 2010

60:00 - 10.85 (Z1 - Z2)

First solid run. 15 minutes easy, 20 minutes moderate, 10 minutes fartlek, 15 minutes easy.

Swim: 2000m

Good open-water swim

02 Aug 2010

Gym: 40 minutes (upper body)

Quick gym session after a well needed massage.

01 Aug 2010

10.2km - 58:00 (Z1)

Easy run from home to Heidelberg to watch the HeidelbergMan.