2010 Summary

This has been a great year with Challenge Roth being the obvious highlight. Cologne 226half in sub 5 hours was another great race after which I should have ended the season to avoid the Frankfurt Marathon fiasco... Here's the obligatory summary:

What's the plan for 2011? I would like to focus on shorter distances and do 2 half Ironman races. 70.3 Wiesbaden will be the highlight plus 70.3 Austria or Elbaman, depending on how things pan out.

I am also going to make some changes in how to record workout. So far, I had an Excel spreadsheet (see above) plus Garmin Connect and also the blog here. In the spirit of moving your entire life in the cloud, I am moving to a great system called TrainingPeaks. So, any individual workout information (more data you can ever digest) will be at www.trainingpeaks.com/isotonicturtle supplemented by sporadic posts on the blog (new kit, gear and gadgets, race reports and any other relevant information).

31 Dec 2010

8km - 45:30

First run in almost 2 weeks. Have been down with some very persistent form of flu. Still not 100%, but slowly getting better. I hope.

Body Composition - End 2010

Body Fat18.1% (LA 17.2 RA 15.4 RL 16.1 LL 16.1, B 19.6)
Total Body Water57.4%
Muscle Mass68.7kg (LA 4.0 RA 4.1 RL 11.3 LL 11.0, B 38.3, 5)
Physique Rating7
Basal Metabolic Rate2099 KJ
Metabolism Age29
Bone Mass3.6kg
Resting Heart Rate??
Wow. Heaviest in more than a year plus desperate body fat measurements. Time for some serious training.

19 Dec 2010

11.8km - 1:06km

First good run in a while at moderate speed.

15 Dec 2010

10.25km - 53:00

Nice run in Belfast at moderate speed.

14 Dec 2010

Swimming (Endurance):
2300m - 60:00

Quite a demanding session.

Last of 4 physio sessions in the morning. Plenty of exercises to do for a month, before we review the situation. Bottom line is some of my core muscles don't seem to trigger at all!

10 Dec 2010

13.75km - 1:18 (Z1)

Easy earl;y morning run. Had to do a couple of detours to avoid flooding.

09 Dec 2010

Swimming (Technique)
1200m - 60:00

Very tough session. 10 * 100 technique, followed by 50m drills interrupted by planks and push-ups!

08 Dec 2010

60:00 - 11.8km (Z2 - Z3)

2km easy, rest moderate / hard. First good run in weeks. Hamstring also getting better thanks to physio treatment and new exercises.

07 Dec 2010

Swimming (Speed):
2000m - 60:00

After a mini break (mini trip away, mini flu and loads of snow), winter training is starting today.

Oh, and I got a little certificate and a pineapple(!) at the club's xmas do for being 1 of 17(!) members who completed an ironman in 2010 - nice touch.

30 Nov 2010

Swimming (Speed):
2000m - 60:00