Blausee Sprint

Blausee Sprint Triathlon (500 / 20 / 5) 1:07:33 [Results]

Swim - 09:20
T1 - 1:59
Bike - 30:30 (Garmin)
T2 - 1:38 (Garmin)
Run - 24:08 (Garmin)

M40: 15th out of 75
Male: 44th out of 176
Overall: 48th out of 221

A different type of triathlon: no rules, no fuss, no extortionate fees - fantastic. Wetsuits were allowed, even though the water was 24 Celcius; bikes weren't checked at all and drafting was legal.

My swim was good, followed by a long run into T1. The bike course was tricky as there were loads of tight corners. Speed was very high assisting by drafting and my run was way to slow. According to the Garmin, the bike course was a bit too short and the run 150m too long.

The timing chip was a bit of a strange construction, which caused some major chaving. Apart from that, a really nice local race - definitely on my calendar for next year.