29 Mar 2007

12km - 1:07:30

Moderate speed; felt quite good.

Not a good idea to run after being to the dentist; spitting is utterly uncontrollable...

23 Mar 2007

11km - 1:03

Undulating. First half easy, second half moderate. Getting a bit better.

17 Mar 2007

16km - 1:34

Very, very slow run. Didn't feel well at all. Stomach funny. Very windy.

15 Mar 2007

13.7km - 1:18

Running up and down a hill for 6 miles like a nutter with a 24 hour ECG monitor attached. Finally had a flutter for about 5 minutes. Result! Jogged back afterwards.

No excuse now for the bloody NHS...

11 Mar 2007

20km-2:00 (approximately)

Slow run with the U&R crowd. Longer than planned. GPS ran out of battery.

06 Mar 2007

10.2km - 1:00

Very easy and controlled run in nice conditions.

05 Mar 2007

30 mins Cross Trainer

Weights 150 * 40lbs

Another hotel. Another gym.

03 Mar 2007

16km - 1:30

Easy run. Perfect weather. Another bad AF lasting 25 minutes. Got dizzy just before it stopped.
Very frustrating!

01 Mar 2007

100 Situps

Cold still very annoying...

February 2007 Body Composition

92.3kg (+0.6kg)
Body Fat
21.4% (+0.9%)
Total Body Water
52.3% (-0.6%)
Muscle Mass
69.0kg (-0.3kg)
Physique Rating
2 (0)
Basal Metabolic Rate2129 KJ (-6)
Metabolism Age
38 (+3)
Bone Mass

Not sure what is going on, but this is definitely going in the wrong direction