Lampertheim Sprint

Lampertheim Sprint Triathlon (0.5 / 20 / 5) 1:08:00 [Results]

Swim - 10:10
T1 - ??
Bike - 32:15
T2 - ??
Run - 23:15 (approx)

M40: 33rd out of 113
Male: 71st out of 261
Overall: 74th out of 332

This was a great little race. The swim was very hectic and there was too much fighting going on for my taste. I panicked a bit at the first turn after I was hit quite heavily and had to slow down a bit. The bike part was very flat and very fast. An average of over 37 km/h says it all. My run was average - I have no idea where my pace is gone.

All in all a nice local race. Shame I missed the 1:08 by 8 tenths of a second. Definitely doing this again if it fits in the IM schedule.

IM Frankfurt Registration

Here we go again. Just signed up for Frankfurt IM 2012. And so have Jeff and Michael from Up & Runners. Great stuff!

Lisburn 10k

Lisburn 10k - 47:04 [Results]

km 1: 5:28
km 2: 4:38
km 3: 4:24
km 4: 4:31
km 5: 4:41
km 6: 4:34
km 7: 4:43
km 8: 4:46
km 9: 4:40
km 10: 4:39

This was an unplanned race, but as I was in Belfast on business I thought I might as well use the 10k as a good speed session. Unlike the start, conditions were perfect. Even though the race was chipped, there wasn't a timing mat at the beginning. That wasn't helped by the fact that a lot walkers decided it would be best to position themselves towards the front and trot along 4 breast. I lost more than a minute on the first km and had to slalom through people for another km. I had also forgotten how undulating the course is and that I haven't really done any speed work lately. I came home in 47:00, but reckon that it would have been a sub 46 net time without the walkers at the start.

Was great to meet up with the gang from Up & Runners again!