Lisburn 10k

Lisburn 10k - 47:04 [Results]

km 1: 5:28
km 2: 4:38
km 3: 4:24
km 4: 4:31
km 5: 4:41
km 6: 4:34
km 7: 4:43
km 8: 4:46
km 9: 4:40
km 10: 4:39

This was an unplanned race, but as I was in Belfast on business I thought I might as well use the 10k as a good speed session. Unlike the start, conditions were perfect. Even though the race was chipped, there wasn't a timing mat at the beginning. That wasn't helped by the fact that a lot walkers decided it would be best to position themselves towards the front and trot along 4 breast. I lost more than a minute on the first km and had to slalom through people for another km. I had also forgotten how undulating the course is and that I haven't really done any speed work lately. I came home in 47:00, but reckon that it would have been a sub 46 net time without the walkers at the start.

Was great to meet up with the gang from Up & Runners again!

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