Lampertheim Sprint

Lampertheim Sprint Triathlon (0.5 / 20 / 5) 1:08:00 [Results]

Swim - 10:10
T1 - ??
Bike - 32:15
T2 - ??
Run - 23:15 (approx)

M40: 33rd out of 113
Male: 71st out of 261
Overall: 74th out of 332

This was a great little race. The swim was very hectic and there was too much fighting going on for my taste. I panicked a bit at the first turn after I was hit quite heavily and had to slow down a bit. The bike part was very flat and very fast. An average of over 37 km/h says it all. My run was average - I have no idea where my pace is gone.

All in all a nice local race. Shame I missed the 1:08 by 8 tenths of a second. Definitely doing this again if it fits in the IM schedule.

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