06 Jun 2010

Challenge Kraichgau 5:51:13 [Results]
Swim - 34:32
T1 - 2:07
Bike - 3:09:42
T2 - 2:17
Run - 2:02:36

Total: 1040th out of 1542
Male: 923th out of 1307
M40 228th out of 327

The plan was to have a decent swim, a good bike ride and then take it. Easy during the run. Reality turned out to be slightly different...

I was in the last wave which wasn't ideal as it included all the relay swimmers. I managed to get a good line and came out of the water with no cramps which was a big relieve. The time was a bit slower than Antwerp, so either Antwerp was too short, Kraichgau too long (which I doubt) or my swimming has got worse.

I got on the bike ok, but somehow didn't feel right from the start. My heart rate was far too high and the speed was pathetic. I had to use much lower gears on the uphills than usual and made very little progress. I stopped and checked my bike after 32km and realized that the back breaks were jammed which explained everything. I opened the breaks and things improved a lot, however, I had expended a lot of energy and was struggling for the rest of the pretty tough course. Had to stop again when the chain jumped off at a silly gear change and also lost my salt tablets. The bike time turned out to be very poor, but so be it.

Got into T2 when the temperature in the shade was well over 30 degrees. Problem was that there was no shade to run in. The 3 lap course was undulating and, given the heat and the bike in my legs, not a good one to take easy. I tried to control my heart rate, but the Garmin freaked out every time I either pored water over me or ran under a sprinkler. At some stage it showed 209!?

Finished in a disappointing time, but body felt ok afterwards. Lesson learned: check bike, check bike, check bike. And find out why the Garmin cannot cope with water... And get a new salt stick...

All in all a fantastic event. Perfect preparation race. Let's hope things will be less chaotic in 6 weeks time.

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