Stadtlauf Eppelheim

Stadtlauf Eppelheim 10k - 46:04 [Results]

km 1: 4:36
km 2: 4:36
km 3: 4:35
km 4: 4:26
km 5: 4:36
km 6: 4:40
km 7: 4:27
km 8: 4:45
km 9: 4:37
km 10: 4:36

M40: 12th out of 22
Male: 67th out of 139
Total: 70th out of 185

Nice little local race in perfect conditions. 3 laps round my old school village in Eppelheim. Felt much better than on Tuesday. Really wanted to crack the 46:00, but somehow things didn't work out at the end, even though I kept overtaking all the time. Garmin showed 220m more again?

Hockenheimring 10k

Hockenheimring 10k - 47:08 [Results[Certificate]

km 1: 4:38
km 2: 4:44
km 3: 4:41
km 4: 4:42
km 5: 4:42
km 6: 4:36
km 7: 4:43
km 8: 4:50
km 9: 4:44
km 10: 4:36

M40: 80th out of 173
Male: 449thout of 947
Total: 508th out of 1244

First time I ran on a Formula One course. Great feeling!

I hadn't prepared for this at all, but was still surprised about the lack of speed. But, as usual, there are a number of excuses: it was quite windy and Garmin showed 240m more than 10k. It is still a very poor performance, so I decided to run another 10k on Sunday to see if I can come up with more excuses... Race report and more pictures.

Movement Analysis

I underwent a very professional gait and movement analysis. Details can be seen in the detailed report. The bottom line is that I need to strengthen my core (no surprise there) and also have to make sure my knees get stronger as they bend inwards which has a knock-on effect on the rest of the body while running. Highly recommended!