05 Sep 2010

Cologne 226half 4:59:28 [Results] [Certificate]

Swim - 37:29
T1 - 2:43
Bike - 2:26:26
T2 - 3:38
Run - 1:49:13

M40: 65th out of 168
Male: 246th out of 650
Overall: 262nd out of 778

WOW. SUB-5!!! Amazing swim in the arena where usually international rowing regattas are held. 8 wide lanes spread across about 100m - it was almost like swimming in a pool and still, my time was the atrocious - I have no idea why my swimming has gone from bad to worse? The bike course was completely flat and there was hardly any wind. Speed was just silly, but was helped by a lot of drafting that went on from km 20 due to large number of competitors and simply not enough room on the roads. I reckon I gained at least 5 minutes because of it. Average speed was 36.8km and average cadence was 88!

I knew I had to run a half-marathon in 1:50 to crack the 5 hours after managing agonising 50+ steps in T2. Everything went fine up to km 15 when I started getting cramps in my right upper thigh. Very painful, but I managed to battle through it. I really had to go to my absolute limit and nearly collapsed at the finish, but recovered very quickly.

Well, I was aiming at a sub 5:10 and got a sub 5, but only because of the drafting on the bike leg. Still, a great day in Cologne which we finished off by enjoying the reclining chairs and the free food & drink on the 'athtlete's boat' in the River Rhine.

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