31 Oct 2008

Running: 6km - 35:00

Easy jog through Central Park to loosen up the legs a bit.

29 Oct 2008

8.3km - 47:00

First run in winter time. Dark, cold and wet. Hip feels much better.

26 Oct 2008

Istanbul 15km - 1:12:45 [Results]

5km - 25:38 (inaccurate)
7.5km - 37:01
10km: 48:36

What a chaotic race! The torrential rain and floods certainly didn't help, nor did the fact that the buses didn't arrive an hour late at the finish. Quite nice course, especially crossing the bridge from Asia to Europe at the start and the amazing finish in front of the Blue Mosque. Came 291st out of over 1200 men! Certainly a race to remember...

23 Oct 2008

11.3km - 1:00

First run in a week alongside the Bophorus! Did an hour at moderate speed to see I am and it looks like that things haven't changed a great deal. usual pain started after 20 minutes and got worse after the run. Bought some Turkish anti-inflammatories (I hope).

Couldn't post earlier since Google Blogs (amongst most other user-content sites) have been blocked by the Turkish Government - I guess the people are not ready for for Freedom of Speech yet...

16 Oct 2008

30.2km - 3:00

Last (and only) long run before NY. Very slow, which is good. Hip very sore, which isn't...

14 Oct 2008

Gym: 50 minutes (40 strength, 10 flexibiltiy)

Swim: 500m (250, 200, 250)

Last gym session for while - physio tomorrow.

13 Oct 2008

20km - 1:49

First good run since Berlin. Moderate speed and hip not too bad.

12 Oct 2008

Gym: 50 minutes (40 strength, 10 flexibiltiy)

Swim: 800m (200, 200, 200, 200)

Needed to do something after not running the 10 mile race due to cold. Still worried about hip which doesn't seem to get better at all.

10 Oct 2008

16km - 1:30

Very wet run and feeling much better. Until late evening that was, when I was starting to yet another flu. Looks like body needs some more rest...

09 Oct 2008

Gym: 40 minutes (30 strength, 10 flexibiltiy)

First gym session since my membership expired - good old voucher schemes...

Swim: 500m (200, 200, 100)
No goggles, so needed to stop since my eyes were about to pop out!

08 Oct 2008

11.3km - 1:03

First run in the dark - gggrrrhhh


Been to see the physio today to get an opinion on my hip pain and it appears that it is caused by some damaged nerve tissue at the spine! Nothing serious (apparently), but need to do some silly stretches and go back next week.

06 Oct 2008

12.3km - 1:11

Another easy run, a bit faster and partly undulating.

04 Oct 2008

10km - 57:00

Another easy recovery run on nice forrest ground. Legs and hip a bit better, but still tired.

02 Oct 2008

10km - 59:00

First easy recovery run. Legs still like jelly and hip not 100% either.

Was wearing my new Brooks Glycerin 6 shoes - first time that I am able to get away with a neutral shoe. So far, so good.

01 Oct 2008

Swim: 800m (250, 250, 150, 150)

First activity after Sunday in an outdoor pool. Still very fatigued.