5150 Zürich

Zürich 5150 (1.6 / 40 / 10) 2:35:37 [Results][Details]

Swim - 31:44
T1 - 1:44
Bike - 1:11:50
T2 - 1:38
Run - 48:41

M45: 28th out of 71
Male: 332th out of 694
Overall: 379th out of 884

Well, that was a very wet affair. The rain started when we jumped in the water and it never stopped. The swim was 100m longer than expected, but even so, the time is very disappointing (with wet suit). The bike ride was quite tough since we had to do Heartbreak Hill 3 times. The run was quite uneventful - why I couldn't get more speed, I don't know.

I am just glad that I am racing again - time to plan some more events ahead.

Swim Exit - Need to loose weight
Heartbreak Hill 3 times in the rain

On the famous blue carpet
All done

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