16 May 2009

Roe Valley Sprint Triathlon 1:19:21 [Results]

Swim - 13:04 (34th)
T1 - 1:28
Bike - 40:39 (62nd)
T2 - 1:54
Run - 22:19 (75th)

Total: 61st out of 134
M40-44: 11th out of 16

First triathlon in bizarre conditions. Swim was very good - got in Lane 1 and was much faster than anticipated. T1 was slow, because I decided to wear an extra layer. Bike was horrendous - Gale force winds (over 60 km/h) and torrential rain on a hilly course. T2 was a nightmare. My hands and feet were freezing and I stupidly left my box open, so everything was soaked. It took me forever to put my shoes on. Run was good, once I felt my feet again. Fantastic experience; can't wait for the next one.

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