Kandel Marathon - 3:44:43 [Results] [Certificate]

km 1: 5:12
km 2: 5:19
km 3: 5:21
km 4: 5:12
km 5: 5:18 (26:22)
km 6: 5:19
km 7: 5:18
km 8: 5:16
km 9: 5:17
km 10: 5:23 (52:55 / 26:33)
km 11: 5:24
km 12: 5:20
km 13: 5:14
km 14: 5:24
km 15: 5:17 (1:19:40 / 26:45)
km 16: 5:22
km 17: 5:08
km 18: 5:13
km 19: 5:15
km 20: 5:17 (1:45:55 / 26:15)
km 21: 5:23 (HM 1:51:39)
km 22: 5:13
km 23: 5:14
km 24: 5:18
km 25: 5:15 (2:12:18 / 26:23)
km 26: 5:22
km 27: 5:17
km 28: 5:15
km 29: 5:17
km 30: 5:19 (2:38:43 / 26:35)
km 31: 5:22
km 32: 5:24
km 33: 5:18
km 34: 5:18
km 35: 5:21 (3:05:25 / 26:42)
km 36: 5:30
km 37: 5:21
km 38: 5:26
km 39: 5:37
km 40: 5:34 (3:33:14 / 27:49)
km 41: 5:32
km 42: 5:11
km 42.2: 1:00 (HM 1:53:05)

M45: 62nd out of 110
Male: 203rd out of 416
Overall: 222nd out of 488


Wow, that was tough. BUT, a big PB by over 9 minutes!

Conditions were near perfect, although a bit nippy for my liking, so I opted for long-sleeves and gloves. The first half was pretty uneventful and solid, bang on time, but in hindsight maybe 30 seconds too fast. I started to struggle from km36 and had to dig deep to keep up the pace to get my planned sub 3:45.

Kandel is a perfect course for a fast time early in the year. I quite enjoyed the lack of spectators throughout as I could really focus on my race.

For the first time, I followed Greif's marathon plan. It is tough, but really prepares you for the last quarter of the distance. Highly recommended.

Now, onwards and upwards, to Ironman Austria. Recovery first, though.


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