Hassloch Half-Marathon

Hassloch Half-Marathon - 1:39:21 [Results]

1: 4:43
km 2: 4:48
km 3: 4:53
km 4: 4:38
km 5: 4:42
km 6: 4:27
km 7: 4:45
km 8: 4:46
km 9: 4:45
km 10: 4:52

km 11: 4:39
km 12: 4:44
km 13: 4:28
km 14: 4:47
km 15: 4:44
km 16: 4:44
km 17: 4:52
km 18: 4:36
km 19: 4:47
km 20: 4:26

km 21.1: 5:02

M40: 33rd out of 86
Male: 64th out of 211
Overall: 70th out of 271

3 laps through the Hassloch forest entirely covered in snow. Temperature wasn't as cold as expected, but the surface kept getting more slipperly, especially in the last lap. Perfect timing and very pleased with a sub 1:40 time. However, I think the distance was approx. 200m short.
Well, this was my last race in the M40. Bring on the next 5 years!


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