2012 Round Up

Well, that's it for another year and, more depressingly, for another age group.  There were the typical ups and downs plus all the usual excuses:

The year didn't start too well with some heart problems (major atrial flutter episodes for approximately 8 weeks) and a torn meniscus. I still managed to get through the fantastic Abu Dhabi International Triathlon in March before undergoing knee surgery. Once recovered, the main focus was on preparing for Ironman Germany while building a new family home. Frankfurt was certainly an interesting (and painful) experience, but not one I'd like to repeat...

I took almost 10 weeks off from training seriously to dedicate all spare time to get the house finished. This early off-season was also part of the pre-2013 plan and I was in good running form towards the end of the year. Let's see if I can carry this over and run a good spring marathon before getting my teeth into the 2 big races in Austria (70.3. in St. Pölten and Ironman Klagenfurt) next summer.

Here's the annual stats and my Ironman Ranking:

2012 (KM) 2012 (hh:mm)
2011 (KM) 2011 (hh:mm)
Swim 98.48 36:28
131.37 56:52
Bike 4217.74 157:58
4699.1 177:20
Run 1178.67 108:33
1294.44 119:05

 So, here are my (sports) goals for 2013:
  • Better nutrition (less sugar, more protein)
  • Core, core, core - we know the drill...
  • A sub 3:45 spring marathon
  • A sub 11:30 Ironman

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