Lampertheim Sprint

Lampertheim Sprint Triathlon (500 / 20 / 5) 1:07:33 [Results]

Swim - 09:15 (approx)
T1 - 1:45 (approx)
Bike - 32:20
T2 - 1:30 (approx)
Run - 22:45 (approx)

M40: 20th out of 98
Male: 63rd out of 277
Overall: 66th out of 327

Last test race before IM Frankfurt. Given yesterday's 6 1/2 hour workout I expected a slower time than last year, but that didn't happen ;-) The swim was the usual battle - kicking, holding and panic attacks. I decided to wear the wet suit, which was a good choice. When I exited the water I realised that the Garmin had died. Not good. Bike split was fast and furious as expected. My legs were tired on the first 2k on the run, but felt better towards the end - shame not to know what the exact splits are...

So, 2 weeks to go until the big day. I am ready. TAPER time.

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