Calw Sprint Triathlon (0.5 / 19 / 5) 1:15:00 [Results]

Swim - 9:54
T1 - ??
Bike - 39:33
T2 - ??
Run - 25:32

M40: 25th out of 37
Male: 120th out of 205
Overall: 135th out of 260

It was scheduled as a B race and a B race it was. I turned up quite late as I got lost on my way to Calw.

Great way to organise a swim in a pool: a competitor started every 20 seconds on the first lane. After finishing a lane, you changed over to the next lane until all 5 lanes were completed. My swim (no wet suite) was quite eventless and I was quite happy with my time.The bike course was quite tough. A long hill right at the start, followed by an equally long downhill. After a few more undulating km, a stinker of a climb towards the end with 18% ascents. I got into T2 with a pulse of 180...
... and out of it with an equally high heart rate. The run started with a hill! I wasn't the only one who had to walk parts of it - otherwise my pulse would have exploded. I got quite sick quite early in the run and never found a good rythm. There weren't really any flat parts on the course that explains the  pathetic time (which includes the transitions). Really tried to crack the 1:15, but had nothing left in my body and the heat didn't help either. Was rather sick after the race and couldn't eat for a couple of hours, but recovered quite quickly.
All in all a good event, but not the performance I had hoped for. Still loads to do before the important races take place.

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