Meniscus Surgery

About a week after the IM race in Klagenfurt my right knee started to hurt. I first thought it must have been some niggle from the long race and ignored it. However I realised that things are not looking too good when I had to stop after a few minutes of jogging.

It turned out that my right inner meniscus had been torn twice and needed surgery. The procedure took about 20 minutes under full anesthetics and I was able to walk without crutches the next day.

No sports for 1 week, no bike riding for 3, no running for 6 and no racing for 12. Needless to say that I had to cancel the inaugural Heidelberg Marathon. I transferred my number to 2014.

I am still in 2 minds whether I should force the change from heel running to mid-foot running. While it should reduce the impact on the knees it might problems elsewhere during the long transition. We'll see. First recovery from the surgery, though.

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