Haidsee Triathlon Forst

Haidsee Triathlon Forst (1.0 / 32 / 7.5)

A very nice local event with loads of races taking place over the course of the day. The conditions were everything but inviting - cold, wet and windy plus some hailstones on the bike leg. As a result only about 60% of the registered athletes turned up.

The water was 16 degrees, but it felt much colder. It took me well over 21 minutes and the Garmin showed well 1.1k. If the distance was to be correct, I am in serious trouble as my swimming seems to get worse.

The bike would have been good if I didn't have to stop 3(!) times. One of the cleats started to disintegrate when I mounted the bike and the shoe fell off right at the beginning. After half the distance, a sticker from another ride stuck to my back tyre and just wouldn't come off. When I started again, the back wheel repositioned itself slightly, so I had to stop again and make some adjustments.

The run was very good and fast, even though the course was slightly short.

Definitely a race to put on next year's calendar, but hopefully in better conditions and with less stops during the bike leg.

M45 16 out of 21
Male 84 out of 115
Overall 92 out of 144

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