I'm a new man...

... new running shoes, new Garmin, a new experience, and a new knee.

The meniscus surgery is now 2 weeks away and things look pretty positive. While there is some bruising left and the odd niggle especially when I turn my leg, I have been able to start training again. I did a 30 minute test swim (pull bouy only) 10 days after the op, half an hour of running yesterday and an easy 1 hour ride today. Still some way to go, but getting there. I will take it easy for another week and then hopefully get some serious miles in over Easter...

I also decided to run on soft shoes for a while and keep my flats for when the knee is 100% again. I opted for the Brooks Ghost 3. It is last year's model of the neutral shoe. Let's see.

As a treat and because my 310XT broke about 6 months ago, I purchased the new Garmin 910XT. I have only used it during the run so far and first impressions are very good: smaller in size, more comfortable to wear and a much better display. Can't wait to use it in the pool to try out the new swim features.

During my first 2 1/2 days on crutches plus the remainder of that week, I decided to try fasting to see if it helps with my ticker and also to keep the weight down while not exercising. 7 days on soup was quite revealing. I enjoyed parts of it - the lightness as well a clear mind - but it was also hard work. I am planning to do this again after the season in autumn.

I also just finished Chrissie Wellington's book "A Life without Limits". 5 out of 5 stars!

So, unless something dramatic happens in the next 14 weeks, I am now confident to make it to the starting line of Ironman Germany! Bring on the tough and long training sessions!

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