Power to the people

Finally, managed to get out on my new wheels (HED Jet Flamme Rouge 6&9) with Powertap SL+, courtesy of eBay. I decided to sell my Zipp wheels and change to wheels that are

  • Not as deep as the Zipps as I was struggling on the fast downhills
  • Have clinchers as I know how to fix them and need to carry less stuff with me on the bike
  • Have aluminium rims so breaking as less of a gamble
  • Change to 28x11 at the back to get up those hills

The fact that the wheels came with a Powertap was a big bonus. 

Did the first ride as part of the RTF St.-Ilgen. I have now silly amounts of power data; just need to find out what it all means and what I can do with it...

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